APS Site Energy Intensity

Arlington Public Schools is committed to providing our community with information regarding the energy use of our facilities. We monitor and track our energy data monthly and report out by fiscal year.

Most of our schools operate well beyond a typical school day and most of them are open 12 months a year. Our schools are used extensively by school organizations such as before and after care, fine arts and sports programs, school clubs, and summer school. In addition, APS opens its doors to members of our community through the use of our gymnasiums, aquatics center, theater facilities and classroom spaces.

Arlington Public Schools uses EPA’s Energy Star Portfolio Manager to track our site energy intensity as well as our green house gas emissions. Site energy intensity is defined as the amount of energy used at a site to include electricity and natural gas consumption divided by the gross square footage of a facility. Electricity and natural gas consumption is converted into a common measurable unit called a BTU (British Thermal Unit) to determine a facility’s overall energy consumption. This overall consumption is then divided into the gross square footage to determine a site’s energy intensity. The chart below shows the average site energy intensity for the past three fiscal years. We have divided our schools into four categories: elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and our joint use facilities. Our measurements are calculated in kBtu or thousands of BTU.

Elementary Schools Average EUI: 2018 - 62, 2017 -59, 2016 - 56. Middle Schools Average EUI: 2018 - 74, 2017 - 62, 2016 - 62. Middle Schools and Joint Use Facilities Average EUI: 2018 - 89, 2017 - 81, 2016 - 85. High Schools Average EUI: 2018 - 68, 2017 - 59, 2016 - 62


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