Green Scene 2015-16

Green Scene Highlights 50 Years of the Outdoor Lab

In this week’s episode, Green Scene celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Outdoor Lab. Take a look back at 50 years on educating Arlington students with footage from the 80s, 90s, 200s and today. The Outdoor Lab was established in 1967 by Dr. Phoebe Hall Knipling for Arlington students to learn about and experience the […]

Green Scene Highlights Environmentally-Friendly Ways Commute to School

In this episode, Green Scene talks to students and staff about the many alternative ways that students and staff travel to and from school such as biking and carpooling. In addition, the episode talks with Arlington Transportation Partners’ (ATP) Elizabeth Denton about the Champions Program. The APS partnership provides recognition and rewards to businesses, multi-family […]

Green Scene Gets Operation Rain Barrel Sneak Peak

This week’s episode of Green Scene previews the fifth annual Operation Rain Barrel which is a partnership with George Mason University. Operation Rain Barrel was created to engage students in learning about environmental sustainability to coincide with George Mason’s Go Gaga for Green event on Sat, April 30 at Founders Hall – Arlington Campus (3351 […]

Green Scene Highlights the Arlington Mill Butterfly Garden

In this week’s episode, Green Scene highlights a butterfly garden that students and volunteers built at the Career Center with guidance from Master Naturalist and teacher Rosemary Donaldson. Arlington Mill teacher Sharon Ruggieri, who integrated the project into the Environmental science curriculum, explains why the garden was created and what plants were included in the […]

Campbell Community Builds Green House to Continue Learning

In this week’s episode, Green Scene highlights the Campbell Elementary School Green House. Helped out by donations, including one from the Arlington Community Federal Credit Union, the green house will be used by all Campbell students to learn about the plant cycle, soil, erosion, the water cycle and other scientific explorations. Fourth graders are learning […]

Green Scene Showcases Recycled Student Art Project

In this week’s episode, Green Scene highlights a recycled art project done by students at Arlington Traditional School and Yorktown High School. Yorktown art teachers Virginia Teaford and Drew Smith and their students are collaborating with ATS art teacher Veronica Perez and her students on the project with a theme of “Rainforest.” The fourth and […]

Green Scene Visits Carlin Springs Journey North Tulip Test Gardens

In this week’s episode, Green Scene visits with Carlin Springs science teacher Beth Prange and her students as they plant bulbs in the school’s Journey North Tulip Test Garden. Each fall, students across the Northern Hemisphere plant Red Emperor tulip bulbs in their Journey North Test Gardens to help monitor seasonal change in a scientific […]

Green Apple Day of Service Featured on Green Scene

In this week’s episode, Green Scene features the Green Apple Day of Service at Abingdon, Discovery and Jamestown elementary schools. Green Apple Day of Service gives parents, teachers, students, companies and local organizations the opportunity to transform all schools into healthy, safe and productive learning environments through local service projects. You can see “Green Scene” […]

Wakefield’s “Whatever Floats Your Boat Regatta” Featured on Green Scene

In this week’s episode, Green Scene showcases Wakefield High School’s “Whatever Floats Your Boat Regatta” where students built boats out of recycled material. Over the summer, six teams of students created boats using recycled material and then competed to see which designs could stay afloat and move across the pool. You can see “Green Scene” […]

Career Center’s Composting Initiative Featured on Green Scene

In this week’s episode, Green Scene highlights a unique composting imitative at the Arlington Career Center. Using scraps of food from the culinary arts program, Program for Employment Preparedness (PEP) students are creating compost that they will use to fertilize their greenhouse gardens. Carpentry and Sustainable Tech students built the composting bins. You can see […]