Register for Dual Enrolled course(s) in your high school



STEP 1: Apply to Northern Virginia Community College (NOVA)

  • Go to Click on “Apply Now” then “Create an Account”. You will be assigned an EMPLID, myNOVA username and temporary password. Make note of this information and keep it handy.


If you have already applied to NOVA or are a returning DE student, you do not need to re-apply, but you will need your NOVA EMPLID (7-digit student ID #) for Step 2.

STEP 2: Create your student account 

  • Go to
  • Select “Create My Account” under new students.
  • Select your high school. Create a login and password. Enter your name, date of birth, and contact information. You must use your personal email address to receive a verification code and activate your account. You may also enter your phone number to receive a verification code to activate your account.
  • Verify your account from your email or text message.
  • Complete account setup and enter your 7-digit NOVA EMPLID (please do not use your high school ID number).
  • Check the box to agree to terms and conditions.
  • Enter your parent/legal guardian name and contact information. Select a preferred communication method (email or text).
  • Select your high school counselor and enter your high school student ID number.
  • Click on ‘Finish’ to complete your account set up.

STEP 3: Register for your dual enrollment courses through your account 

  • Click on a course name and select ‘Register’ to request the course. Select each course that you wish to take for dual enrollment.  APS DUAL ENROLLMENT COURSE OFFERINGS (scroll to page 137-138 title DE Course Offerings)
  • Check your email and/or text messages daily for important updates on your registration status.
  • Log into your account to check your status or update your account at any time.


VCCS policy allows colleges to consider exceptional freshman and sophomore students who demonstrate readiness for college-level coursework through the colleges’ established institutional policies. Each underclass student will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Your high school counselor will provide your current transcript, however, you may upload additional documentation for enrollment purposes such as any test scores, a letter of recommendation from a teacher, or a personal statement to support your application.

Please make sure to contact your school counselor if you have questions in regard to the registration process, course requested or if you are no longer interested in taking a Dual Enrolled Course.

APS/NOVA Dual Enrollment Troubleshooting Tips.

My application to NOVA didn’t go through, shows error message:

It is best to use Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox for the application. If the application continues to not load or the application cannot be viewed using the browser, close the application. Go to the browser’s settings and clear all caches and cookies. Close the browser and open up a fresh browser. Allow the browser to take some time to upload all information. It may take up a few minutes. Preferably complete application on laptop rather than on phone.

If issue persists contact the Office of Dual Enrollment at and provide a detailed summary of the inquiry. Provided the applicant’s full and legal name, DOB, district and high school name.

I already applied to NOVA, I don’t know my NOVA ID (EMPLID):

Retrieve your NOVA ID by clicking Forgot Password here to reset your NOVA account and view your ID#

Do I have to provide my parent’s email/phone number:

A parent/legal guardian consent is required to allow students to register for dual enrollment courses. Parents/legal guardians must check their email account or text message to acknowledge their consent.

I am taking a course at my home school and at career center how do I register for both:

Select your home high school and select your courses using the drop down menu. All courses available will show up under student account whether course is offered at home school or the Arlington Career Center.

My course doesn’t show up on the pull down menu:

If a course is not listed in the drop down menu it may not be offered in APS any longer, remember DE courses are contingent on teacher availability. Courses may also have a different name at NOVA than at your home school. Please refer to APS DE Course Offerings  for current offerings and name comparisons.

I have completed both my NOVA application and my registration, what happens next:

NOVA will cross check students documents along with eligibility requirements for each course. Students will receive an email if they are not eligible for the course or if additional documentation if required to prove eligibility. Students will be enrolled in course closer to course start date in September.