Swim School



  • Weekend Session- once/week for 8 weeks (Saturday or Sunday) —  July 9 – Aug 28


  • Weekend Session- once/week for 8 weeks (Saturday or Sunday) —  October 1-December  3
  • Weeknight Session 1- twice/week for 4 weeks (Mon & Wed or Tue & Thu) — September 19 – Oct 13
  • Weeknight Session 2- twice/week for 4 weeks (Mon & Wed or Tue & Thu) — October 26 – Nov 10
  • Weeknight Session 1- twice/week for 4 weeks (Mon & Wed or Tue & Thu) — November 28 – Dec 21


If you are new to our program, please read the registration instructions below:

New Participants – Please start by setting up a SET UP A SELF-SERVICE ACCOUNT  for each individual child/participant.  (Please include the child’s first and last name, address, and date of birth.  We also need a parent/guardian’s name, email, and phone number.).  Proceed to the step below.

Returning Participants

  1. Go to our Self-Service Portal
  2. Log in to the child’s/participant’s account.
  3. Using the Page Menu (on the left) or a drop-down menu if using a mobile device, select REGISTRATION
  4. You will be redirected to a “registration” page.  SELECT  “Fall Session “x”
  5. The registration page will open with a description of the Courses offered.
  6. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and
    • Select ” I am registering for a class”
    • Open the FEE drop-down menu and select the corresponding fee (child/adult, Arlington resident/non-resident)
  7. You will be taken to the Participant Waiver.  Please review and Check “I have read and understand the terms of this agreement”
  8. You are now ready to select your class using the Drop-Down menu at the very top of the page:  “Please select a class name”
    • The class offerings are grouped by Pool.  Please note the pool designation at the start of the title:  Wakefield (WK); Washington-Liberty (WL); Yorktown (YT)
    • Participants’ details will appear if you are logged in to Self-Service.  Please ensure that you are registering the correct student, and not a sibling or parent.  Make necessary changes
    • Advance through the pages using the “next” button
    • Include any medical or unique needs your want the staff to know about your child
    • The final screen is a summary of your registration.
  9. Select “BUY” to be directed to the payment page and complete your registration.
  10. You will receive an Invoice with no balance due and which will serve as a receipt.
  11. Class confirmation will be sent via email 3-5 days before the first day of class.
  12. You may register on the waitlist.  If space becomes available you will be notified.

If you have any questions, please call 703-228-6263 or 703-228-6264. We anticipate our phones may be a little busy during the first few days of registration.  Your call will be returned in the order it was received, and within 24 hours.  Thank you for your patience.


  1. Please contact the Aquatics office or email us if you need to reschedule or cancel your registration.  703-228-6263 or 703-228-6264.
  2. If you believed you have an open Swim School Package from a previous session, please contact the office.  Account credit will be issued for use with the new registration.


The APS Swim School sessions are 8-Lessons of 30 to 45 minutes (depending on the Course).  Lessons are scheduled either twice/week on weekdays or once/week on weekends.

All Swim School fees sales are final.  If your plans change or you find the program does not meet your child’s needs, you may contact us by email to request to cancel your registration.  Please note that refunds will NOT be issued for any reason after the first lesson of the series is complete.  There will be NO makeup classes or refunds due to inclement weather including electric or snow and ice storms that may cause the pool(s) to close.  Refunds will be issued if APS must cancel the course or a lesson due to events and circumstances within APS control.

The income-based fee reduction is available.  Please access the  Fee Reduction Form download it to complete and submit it via email to helena.machado@apsva.us.  Be sure to include a scan or picture of the supporting documents. We will work to turn it around in 24 hours.


The APS Swim School is based on an innovative and learner-focused approach developed by Starfish Aquatics Institute. This program and its learner-focused curriculum use an “ages and stages” format which facilitates the acquisition of skills across different skill levels and ages and is a proven approach to help pre-school, youth and adults develop a foundation of swimming and safety skills with a focus water safety and self-rescue.  Below, please find a brief description of the different courses (levels) to help you determine the best fit for your student.

B&T Swim School (Babies & Toddlers (6 months to 3 years old): The purpose of this course is to foster in very young children a high comfort level in the water while at the same time training the adults in water safety and drowning prevention.  This course does not teach children to swim or to survive in the water.  The focus is on confidence building, fun, and loving experience.  The course is organized into five (5) learning phases that include trust and comfort, body positions, submersion, air recovery, and rollover and forward movement.  One adult must be in the water, and a second adult is welcome.

Pre-K Swim School (3-5 years old): In Pre-K, students will develop a high comfort level in the water and a readiness to swim.  Children who are developmentally ready will learn functional swim skills.  Instructors use creative, fun activities in the water to introduce the children to fundamental skills including submersion, body position and air recovery, direction change, forward and rotary and integrated movement as well as important water safety and self-rescue skills.  Sessions are 30 minutes in length

Swim School (6-13 years old):  Pre-requisite: Children under 6-years old must be assessed by an instructor.  Instructors use age-appropriate, self-paced but challenging learning activities to allow students to develop core swimming competencies – submersion, body position and air recovery, direction change, forward and rotary, and integrated movement.  The course is organized into five (5) learning phases (or grades) and benchmarks include submersion, jumping in, recovery, float, and kick, change directions, glide, and move using overarm pull with a kick.  Safety benchmarks include using a lifejacket, assists, treading water, and survival float.  At the completion of the GREEN Phase, the swimmer will be ready to enroll in STROKE SCHOOL (Intermediate Grades).

Picture44Stroke School (6-13 years old): Pre-requisite: Completion of Swim School GREEN phase or equivalent skill level.  Stroke School curriculum builds on fundamental skills acquired in Swim School and develops endurance, freestyle refinement, and learning stroke techniques for backstroke, butterfly, and breaststroke This course is structured into five (5) learning phases – Freestyle, Backstroke, Butterfly, and endurance.  During the Green Phase swimmers will learn starts and turns, training methods, and water safety skills.  After completing the GREEN Phase of Stroke School, the swimmer will be ready to enroll in the Swim Academy or join a Swim Team.

Swim Academy: Pre-requisite: Completion of Stroke School GREEN phase or equivalent skill level.  Students in the Swim Academy will work on refining swim strokes, starts, and turns, and develop an understanding of basic training principles such as using a pace clock and racing strategies; Additional skills may include an introduction to Springboard Diving and other aquatics activities such as Water Polo, etc

Adult Swim School (14+ years old): Students will work in groups of similar skill levels.  Groups will focus on developing core swimming competencies or endurance, and stroke refinement for freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, and backstroke.  Training concepts and turns will be included


Water Polo is an exciting, fast-paced team sport played in deep water, and participants quickly improve fitness and endurance levels.

Water Polo – Level 1 (7+ years old):  This course will introduce swimmers to the fundamental skills needed to become proficient Water Polo players.  Skills learned to include treading water, throwing, and shooting.  Participants will receive technical instruction and finish with 2v2 scrimmages Students must be able to swim 25 yards freestyle without stopping and tread water for 90 seconds.

Water Polo – Level 2 (7+ years old): This course will build on the skills gained in Level 1 and challenges participants to increase fitness, endurance, and ball-handling skills.  Technical/tactical training in single hand catching, shooting options, and 3v3 offense and defense will be introduced.  It is preferred that players have completed Level 1 or have some experience with the sport.  Students must be able to swim 50 yards freestyle without stopping and tread water for 3 minutes.


Springboard Diving – Level 1 (6-13 years old):  This course will introduce participants to diving safety, proper use of the springboard, and fundamental dives based on the student’s demonstrated skill level.  Students must be able to swim 25 yards and tread water for 60 seconds.


Log Rolling School (6-13 years old):  Students will learn the art of log rolling.  Logrolling, as a sport, began in the late 1800s during the great logging when the timber industry used rivers to move logs to the mills. Thousands of logs floating down rivers frequently jammed, so men were hired to prevent the jams. As soon as the men stepped onto the logs, the logs would spin, dumping them into the water giving birth to the expression “It’s as easy as falling off a log!” In order to stay dry (and alive), the rivermen had to learn to roll the logs.  Logrolling is a fun and exciting way to be active, and develop balance and strategy skills.


SKWIM SCHOOL (7 years and older):  SKWIM is a new relatively new aquatics activity that incorporates concepts of water polo, frisbee, and swimming into a fun and easy to learn water activity for all ages.  Look for the introduction of SKWIM School a little later this year.


B&T, Pre-K, Swim and Stroke, Academy & Diving $42.25 ($5.25/lesson) $49.30 ($6.16/lesson) $45.75$5.71/lesson
Water Polo School* $44.00 ($5.50/lesson n/a n/a
Fitness School (Water Aerobics)** n/a $54.80 (6.85/lesson) $50.40 ($6.30lesson)

*Fees are adjusted to cover equipment costs unique to the program (balls, caps, barbells, etc).