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Raul Matos

Coordinator, Adult Education, 703-228-7217

The Arlington Community Learning Program is pleased to announce Community Education Online Classes. These courses are made available to provide community education students the opportunity to take classes online through any Internet connection. Take the classes when and where you want. The flexibility is extremely beneficial for students whose schedules do not allow them to participate in teacher led classes that meet at specific times and locations.

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Below you will find a list of online classes available through the Arlington Adult Education Program. The cost for each course is also listed. This price allows students to work with the online class for up to 90 days.  The following classes are available online.

SAT Preparation

Get a head start on prepping for the SAT exam this fall by taking this online SAT preparation course now. You will have 24/7 access all summer long. Learn online, take quizzes and improve your math and writing skills. Become familiar with the types of questions you’ll see on the real exam. Begin preparing today!

Tuition $95

TP101Y   Course available 24/7 for 90 days, Start Anytime!


Medical Billing and Coding

This billing and coding course offers the skills needed to perform complex coding and billing procedures. The course covers CPT (Introduction, Guidelines, Evaluation, and Management), specialty fields (such as surgery, radiology, and laboratory), ICD-9 (Introduction and Guidelines), an ICD-10 intro, and basic claims processes for insurance reimbursements. Course is offered online with a student mentor assigned to each student. Contact our office for more information. Tuition $1,199

GI875OL   Course available online. Takes us one week to set up your class!


Word 2010 MOS Certification Series

Prepare for the Microsoft Office Specialist: Microsoft Office Word 2010 Certification Exam 77-881 and prove your skills using Microsoft Word 2010. You will prepare for the exam by learning how to efficiently navigate the features and functionality of the Word 2010 application to draft and edit documents for a variety of professional purposes and situations. Using a task-oriented approach, you will learn to create the work products required for the MOS certification.

Tuition $95

BE372   Online     Course available 24/7 for 90 days. Start Anytime!


Microsoft Office 2013: Beginning Excel Series

Excel 2013 allows you to create worksheets and workbooks to manage and manipulate data easily. You can cut, copy, and paste data. You can also navigate within data cells, and worksheets. Not only can you manage the data at this level, you can group, color-code, and organize the worksheets within the workbook.

Tuition $95

BE373   Course available 24/7 for 90 days. Start Anytime!


Microsoft Office 2013: Beginning Word Series

Microsoft Word 2013, the latest offering of Microsoft’s popular word-processing software, offers a variety of features that enable you to create well organized, visually appealing, and professional documents

Tuition $95

BE374   Course available 24/7 for 90 days. Start Anytime!


Microsoft Project 2013 Series

Microsoft Project 2013 provides you with a comprehensive set of tools to organize and manage your project from the first through to the last phase. Being able to use Project not only simplifies your work but can also help to reduce errors that might occur when trying to manage so many tasks and deliverables at once.

Tuition $95

BE375   Course available 24/7 for 90 days. Start Anytime!


Microsoft Office 2013:

Beginning Access

Access 2013 is the newest version of Microsoft’s dynamic database management system and it offers features that allow you to create and modify a variety of database types through a convenient graphic user interface. Access, as a desktop application, helps you store and manage related information in one place. It helps prevent errors, inconsistencies, and duplicate information.

Tuition $95

BE378   Course available 24/7 for 90 days. Start Anytime!


Web Design and Graphics Series

This series presents concepts for designing and building Web sites. It covers how to plan the structure of a Web site, maintaining the Web site files, and considering the affect that various browsers, monitors, and systems can have on the display of a site. Strategies for making a site download quickly and display well across all browsers and systems are presented, along with creating color schemes, backgrounds, GIF transparencies, and image maps. Additional topics covered in this series include the use of HTML and graphics for formatting and layout, and other useful tools such as frames, animated GIFs, dynamic HTML, JavaScript, QuickTime, Flash, and Shockwave.

Tuition $95

BE370   Online     Course available 24/7 for 90 days. Start Anytime!


HTML 5 Series

This course covers the use of HTML5 for building web pages. It covers the basic HTML document structure and some of the most common elements that go into building a web page.

Tuition $95

BE379   Course available 24/7 for 90 days. Start Anytime!


PHP and MySQL Series

This series teaches learners to create dynamic Web sites. Learners will be able to apply their knowledge to the creation of dynamic Web applications such as content management, user registration, and e-commerce.

Tuition $95

BE383   Course available 24/7 for 90 days. Start Anytime!


Communication Fundamentals Series

Communication with Power

Interpersonal Communication Series

Every day social media assumes a more prominent role as a preferred channel of communication. The more you know about social media platforms and how to use them effectively, the more you will benefit. This social media series provides a strong foundation for understanding and using social media in the workplace.   Communicating with Power Series   Most people’s jobs include working with a lot of people who are coworkers from across the company (or even from other companies). Many times, doing your job properly depends upon other people doing the things or having the information you need. This series will talk about how to spark action and motivation from others, especially ones who are not in a direct line of command with you.     Communication in the Workplace Series   Effective communication is at the heart of your success in the workplace. By acquiring and using valuable communication skills, you increase your ability perform to your highest potential. We will also discuss how to persuade, influence, and inform other people in ways that will make things happen. This communication series focuses on a variety of ways to help you communicate more effectively in the workplace. (All three classes for only $95)

Tuition $95

CE201   Online     Course available 24/7 for 90 days. Start Anytime!


Effective Presentations Series

Public speaking is a frightening task to many people, but it’s also a crucial tool in career success. This series offers tips to help you prepare and deliver more powerful presentations.

Tuition $95

CE206   Online     Course available 24/7 for 90 days. Start Anytime!


Accounting Fundamentals Series

Accounting and finance are the universal languages of business, and their functions form the core of most organizations. The accounting function sets up the bookkeeping system, monitors it, prepares and presents the financial statements to management, and interprets them as needed. Bookkeeping is a part of the accounting function and involves the mechanical aspect of recording, classifying, and summarizing transactions in account books and posting them to respective financial statements. This course aims at familiarizing all learners with basic accounting principles and concepts that set the ground for more advanced learning in this area. You’ll be introduced to key accounting terms and concepts such as key characteristics of accounting, the accounting equation, double entry bookkeeping, and basic accounting principles.

Tuition $95

GI828   Online     Course available 24/7 for 90 days. Start Anytime!


Negotiating Series

This series presents strategies for negotiating in business and daily situations. It covers techniques for developing a negotiation plan, evaluating the opposition, and taking advantage of body language, props, timing, questions, and correspondence. It presents strategies for gaining control in negotiation situations, and effective methods of getting past obstacles and closing a negotiation. Several everyday negotiation scenarios are explored, with tips for effective negotiation techniques to apply to these situations.

Tuition $95

GI804   Online     Course available 24/7 for 90 days. Start Anytime!


Basic Business Math Series

An understanding of basic mathematical principles is important for any businessperson. Math skills enable you to figure out resource requirements, estimate costs, work out average time spent on different activities, and calculate commission earnings. The ability to analyze and comprehend numbers is a vital skill for personal, as well as corporate, growth and success.

Tuition $95

GI806   Online     Course available 24/7 for 90 days. Start Anytime!


Budgeting Essentials Series

A budget is a financial blueprint for planning an organization’s activities and controlling its performance over a designated period of time. It helps allocate an organization’s resources as it pursues its financial goals. Organizational budgeting refers to activities that focus on the creation of organizational and departmental budgets, their allocation, and their use in monitoring an organization’s activities. Departmental heads, managers, and professionals throughout an organization deal with budgets one way or other in their day-to-day operations, and familiarity with an organization’s key budgeting activities is expected at every level.

Tuition $95

GI808   Online     Course available 24/7 for 90 days. Start Anytime!


Essential Skills for Administrative Support Professionals

When it comes to a typical day at the office for an administrative professional, each day’s planned agenda can change on a whim. Whether it be unexpected meeting requests to juggle, a last-minute announcement the boss needs to communicate, or a sudden request from the boss that shifts priorities, the tasks performed in a typical day are varied and ever-changing. But regardless of how much the agenda changes from day to day, there are standard tasks that every administrative professional will perform regularly.

Tuition $95

GI823   Online     Course available 24/7 for 90 days. Start Anytime!


Customer Service Series

This series is designed to help users create and maintain good customer services. Concepts covered include defining company-wide customer service and standards, strategies for effective communication, and effective problem resolution. The series also provides an overview of creating a customer service department that useful tools for providing excellent customer service.

Tuition $95

GI801   Online     Course available 24/7 for 90 days. Start Anytime!


Dealing with Difficult People Series

This series presents strategies for handling interpersonal tension in the workplace. In each course, learners will gain insight into analyzing situations, determining the best courses of action, and resolving problems. Scenarios and examples include working with difficult people in any organizational situation – supervisors, peers, and subordinates.

Tuition $95

GI803   Online     Course available 24/7 for 90 days. Start Anytime!


Stress Management Series

Stress is among the most common and harmful issues facing people in the working world. The information, practices, and exercises in this series will help you understand, control, and reduce stress.

Tuition $95

HE132   Online     Course available 24/7 for 90 days. Start Anytime!