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It is now March is Arts in the Schools Month: fdg
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**Apprentice Program Applications now being accepted for the 20-21 school year**

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** Honor Music Program **

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Arts instruction begins in kindergarten, with visual art and general music. In fourth and fifth grade, students may also take instrumental music and join their school’s chorus. In middle school, arts education options include classes in visual art, instrumental music, choral music, and theater arts. Arts education electives at the high school level include offerings in a wide variety of the performing and visual arts. Arlington students excel in the arts at a very high level and regularly win regional, state, and national awards for their performances and art works.

Arts Education Mission Statement

Arts Education is an integral part of the core curriculum and provides students with unique experiences not taught in other core areas. The arts offer powerful tools for expression – tools for making connections between intellect and emotion, tools for bringing meaning and beauty into our lives, and tools for solving problems and communicating ideas. They are an essential part of human history and provide a foundation for understanding the present as well as the future.Studies in the arts foster perceptual awareness, cognitive processes, aesthetic literacy and life-coping skills. Participating in arts experiences enhances self-esteem, builds self-discipline, and reinforces societal values, such as cooperation, commitment, and working towards a common goal. Interdisciplinary arts experiences promote an artistically literate society and stronger understanding of oneself. Arlington Public Schools strives to provide a rich and extensive curriculum for all aspects of the performing and visual arts based on state and national standards in the arts.

Pyramid Concert Links:

Wakefield Pyramid Concert

W-L Pyramid Concert

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APS Arts Education

Join us in saying thank you! As we wrap up this school year, please help us honor staff for the work they continuously do to make a difference! Send pictures, poems, letters, videos, artwork, dance, song, or other appreciation expressions. #ThankAPSHeroes
Published March 22, 21 11:29AM

APS Arts Education

High School playwrights to participate in the APS & Signature Theatre Playwriting Competition! Students will work with professional playwright, Mary Hall Surface ( to create a 10-minute play to be presented in a virtual reading by professional actors!
Published January 11, 21 10:10AM