H-B Woodlawn 6th Grade Course Offerings

H-B Woodlawn Rising 6th Grade Course Offerings

Choose one full year course + onesemester course   or   threesemester courses.  Please seedescriptions below:

Full Year Classes

VisualArts (19040)


CreativeWriting (11207)

TheaterArts – Exploratory (11392)

ConcertBand I (19232)

StringEnsemble (19243)

Semester Classes

Visual Arts  (19041)

Chorus (19286)

Creative Writing (11208)



MS Visual Arts – Grades 6-8 (full year – 19040; semester -19041)

Interestedin making art that is unique and personal? Middle School students may take artduring any

semesterover the three middle school years. Every semester is unique so students whoenroll for more than one semester will have new experiences. In this class youwill develop your creative skills through a variety of experiences that mayinclude drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, clay, book arts, computergraphics and more. Students will investigate the Elements of Art and Principlesof Design – the building blocks of visual art – and learn new techniques toimprove art skills. Each student will use a sketchbook to develop ideas,respond to prompts and conduct research. This course includes connections toart history, cultures and artists and provides vocabulary and a foundation forstudents to discuss and evaluate their own, along with peer work, in asupportive atmosphere.


Theatre Arts – Exploratory (Semester – 11392; Full year –11391) Grades 6, 7, 8

Thiscourse is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of Theatre Art,including ensemble building theatre “games” and exercises, pantomime,improvisation, choral readings, dramatized storytelling, physicalized action,stage combat, voice and diction, oral interpretation of prose and poetry,improvised playwriting, and contemporary texts. Students explore theatre as acreative, collaborative performance-art while building confidence, teamwork,problem-solving, and concentration skills.


MS Chorus – grades 6-8 (full year – 19285; semester – 19286)

Inthis course students will learn how to use healthy vocal production to createan effective choral ensemble. Students will sing quality repertoire from allgenres and musical styles, and will develop their skills in singing, sightreading and ear training. Special attention will be given to group vocaltechnique and healthy vocal development. Our work will be featured at fourconcerts throughout the year: Fall, Winter, Festival (March), and Spring. Eachspring the Chorus travels and performs. Attendance at all performances is required.


String Ensemble (MS) Grades 6-8 (19243) Beginning and intermediate string players work on techniques forsuccessful ensemble playing. A variety of repertoire for strings is rehearsedand performed, and musical skills are developed. A limited number ofschool-owned instruments are available for rent. Advanced students are givenopportunities to perform chamber music in small ensembles. Each spring thisgroup travels and performs. Attendance at all performances is required.


Concert Band I (MS) Grades 6-7 (19232) This band is comprised of middle school students who perform at anintermediate level. In addition to learning a variety of music, students willimprove the skills needed for intonation, sight-reading, tonguing, rudiments,and tone production. Each spring this group travels and

performs.Attendance at all performances is required.


H-BWoodlawn Music Department Webiste: https://www.apsva.us/hbmusic

H-BWoodlawn Visual Art Website: https://www.apsva.us/domain/1605

H-BWoodlawn Theatre Arts Website: https://www.apsva.us/domain/1607