Swanson Middle School 6th Grade Course Offerings

Thomas Jefferson 6th GradeCourse Offerings:

 6thgrade students participate in an elective program called the Four ElectiveRotation Schedule. All 6th grade students will choose a WorldLanguage that will meet every other day for the entire school year. Inaddition, students will participate in Health and Physical Education everyother day. Students will balance their elective classes between Fine Arts andDesign Technology. Option One is to take Advanced Band, Intermediate Orchestraor Choral Music. These classes meet every day and fulfill the requirement forboth Fine Arts and Technology. Option Two is to choose two Fine Art and twoDesign Technology classes.


Option 1:

AdvancedBand (Full Year, every day)

IntermediateOrchestra (Full Year, every day)

ChoralMusic (Full Year, every day)

AdvancedBand, Intermediate Orchestra and choral Music qualify as both a Fine Arts andDesign Technology class and are offered every day for a full year. If youchoose this class, you do not need to pick semester classes. 

Option 2: Fine Arts Classes (choose 2)

Drama(Semester, every other day)

VisualArts (Semester, every other day)

ChoralMusic (Semester, every other day)

*Pleasesee technology course offerings to select two.


DEPARTMENT WEBSITES:    TJMS Visual Art: https://www.apsva.us/domain/1714

TJMS Band website: https://www.apsva.us/Page/29077

TJMS Choral website: https://www.apsva.us/Page/29141

TJMS Orchestra website: http://apsva.us/domain/3923

TJMS Drama website: