Williamsburg Middle School 6th Grade Course Offerings

Williamsburg Middle School 6th grade courseofferings:

* Option 1 to choose 1 full year courseand option 2 is to choose the Exploratory Rotation Wheel.


ShowBand (an Act II JazzBand class, CRF course code #19228 Advanced Band) is a performing group thatfocuses most of it’s study and performance on America’s music…Jazz! This groupmeets as an Act II class(2:30pm-4:10 pm), twice a week.  Any 7th or 8thgrade band student is welcome to join and 6th grade band students havethe opportunity to audition for this group. Wind players andpercussionists in the Show Band must also be enrolled in a WMS daily musicperformance class. Note- Bass players and pianoplayers do not need to be enrolled in a band class, but must be signed up forthis class with their grade level counselor. This group starts class atthe end of September.

1 full year  Intermediate Band (19201) Students will enterwith the skill set established in Beginning Band Understand and respond tomusic notation, including articulations, compound meters, even subdivisions andkey signatures with several accidentals / Develop the skill to play a range ofone and half octaves and basic rudiments (percussion), demonstrating theseskills as a member of the ensemble /Develop the ability to tune the instrumentby ear/ Create rhythmic or melodic improvisations, 2-4 measures in length/Respond to conducting gestures involving changes of tempo, articulation, andstyle/ Demonstrate learning through performances and presentations of Grade Iliterature, including solo performance as appropriate /Sight Read two gradelevels below concert literature. Band classes are year long courses. In 6thgrade (CRF course code #19201), students are grouped byinstrument family. This allows progress and focus on objectives specific to aparticular instrument.

1 full year  Beginning Chorus  (19261) Students will demonstrate properposture, breath control, and mouth shape for good tone / Understand the basicsof reading music and corresponding musical interpretation for accurateperformance of pitch, rhythm, time signature, key signature, tempo andexpressive markings / Develop the ability to match pitch accurately using adiatonic pitch system and maintain a part within the ensemble /Create simplerhythmic or melodic improvisations, 1 to 2 measures in length /Respond toconducting gestures / Demonstrate learning through appropriate performances andpresentations

1 full year  Intermediate Orchestra  (19242) Students will enter with the skill set established in BeginningOrchestra/ Understand and respond to music notation, including articulations ofvarious bowings, compound meters, even subdivisions and key signatures with twosharps / Develop the skill to play a range of one and half octaves, usingextensions and regulating bow weight, speed and contact; demonstrate theseskills as a member of the ensemble/ Develop the ability to tune the instrumentby ear /Create rhythmic or melodic improvisations, 2-4 measures in length /Respond to conducting gestures involving changes of tempo, articulation, andstyle /Demonstrate learning through performances and presentations, includingsolo performance as appropriate/ Sight Read two grade levels below concertliterature

 ExploratoryRotation/Wheel (19000) Students take approximately 5 weeks of each coursein a rotation and will include some of the following elective courses: Art, Keyboarding, Tech ED, Family Consumer Science, Theater Arts, Journalismand World Language



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