Regular school attendance is expected of all students. However, there are times when circumstances necessitate that a student is absent from school. The following are considered excused absences by Arlington Public Schools.

  • Illness, quarantine of student, doctor or dentist appointment
  • Death in the family
  • Observance of a religious holiday
  • Summons to a court of law
  • Violent storms or state emergencies
  • Suspensions
  • Severe family emergency
  • All others approved in advance by principal (or designee).

All other absences are unexcused absences, including absences for valid reasons when the verified contact documentation or written note from the parent/guardian is not filed within two days following the student’s return to school. Unexcused absences may require the school to meet with a parent to discuss ways to improve the students attendance.

Management of Excused Absences

Students must present a written explanation from their parent/guardian, or there must be a verified contact from a parent/guardian, for each absence upon returning to school (not later than two days following the student’s return).

Make-up Work

Make-up work cannot substitute for missed classroom experiences. However, students have the responsibility to compensate for missed classwork. In the case of an elected absence, the sole obligation for such compensation is the student’s. Credit for make-up work is only given when the absence is excused. However, even without credit, the student is still responsible for making up work in order to continue progress towards completion of the course.