Benefits Bulletin 10 27 17

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TO:         APS Kaiser Permanente HMO Signature Plan Enrollees

FROM:   Human Resources

DATE:    October 27, 2017

RE:        Kaiser Permanente Health Insurance Premium Rebate for Year 2016

Kaiser Permanente mailed a notification letter to APS employees who were enrolled with our Kaiser Permanente HMO Signature Plan plan at any point in 2016. View a sample copy of Kaiser’s letter here.

APS mailed a response letter to those employees who received the Kaiser Permanente rebate notification letter. View a sample copy of the APS response letter here.

As a non-Federal governmental plan, APS must distribute the rebate in one of two ways:

  • Reducing premium for the upcoming year; or
  • Providing a cash rebate to employees or subscribers that were covered by the health insurance on which the rebate is based.

APS made the decision to distribute the rebate by reducing the Kaiser Permanente HMO Signature Plan premium for the upcoming 2018 plan year.  APS is not issuing cash rebates to employees.

Please note Arlington Public Schools received a 2.15% renewal rate increase from Kaiser Permanente for the 2018 plan year. However, Arlington Public Schools is not passing the 2.15% rate increase to employees for the 2018 plan year. In fact, when comparing 2017 payroll deductions to 2018 payroll deductions, full-time employees are receiving a slight payroll deduction decrease.

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