Disability Insurance

Arlington Public Schools offers two disability plans. Your eligibility in either plan is based on different factors, such as the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) Plan in which you are enrolled, your hours worked, and if you are eligible for benefits. For more information about the Virginia Retirement System (VRS) and the specific retirement plan in which you are enrolled, visit our Retirement page.

Disability Benefits for VRS Hybrid Plan Participants

For VRS Hybrid Plan participants, disability coverage is offered through The Standard Insurance Company.  Visit our Workers’ Compensation page for more information about work-related injuries.

Short Term Disability
Members are eligible for disability coverage after 12 months of continuous participation (coverage) as a member of the VRS Hybrid Retirement plan. Income replacement schedule is as follows:

Months of Continuous Service with your Current Employer Work days at 100% Income Replacement Work days at 80% Income Replacement Work days at 60% Income Replacement
0 – 12 0 0 0
13 – 59 0 0 125
60 – 119 25 25 75
120 – 179 25 50 50
180 or more 25 75 25
  • Elimination Period: Benefits begin after 7-calendar days. During this time, you must use your sick leave, if available, or the time will be unpaid. You may not elect to use more than seven calendar days of paid leave.
  • Benefits through the short term disability plan are offset by all other sources of income.
  • Minimum Benefit Payment: None
  • Maximum Benefit Period: 125 work days

Long Term Disability

  • Monthly LTD Benefit: 60% of your pre-disability earnings; 80% of your pre-disability earnings for catastrophic conditions
  • Long Term disability benefit may be reduced by other sources of income and any earnings you may have while disabled.
  • Elimination Period: Benefits begin after you have satisfied the 7-calendar day elimination period under the Short Term Disability plan and received 125 work days of Short Term Disability benefits.

VRS Hybrid Plan Disability Coverage Benefit Information:
Employee Handbook
Employee FAQ
STD Benefits at a Glance
STD Certificate of Coverage
LTD Benefits at a Glance
LTD Certificate of Coverage

How to File a Disability Claim:

Please note you may be asked to provide the following information:

  • Sponsor Name: Virginia Association of Counties Risk Pool (VACoRP)
  • Group Plan Number: 649393
  • Your name and your Social Security Number
  • The last day you were at work
  • Nature of claim/medical information
  • Your Physician’s contact information (name, address, phone and fax number)

Disability Benefits for

  • VRS Plan 1 and Plan 2 members
  • Arlington County Employees’ Supplemental Retirement System (ACERS) members 
  • Benefits-Eligible employees who do not participate in the VRS retirement plan

Liberty Mutual rebranding to Lincoln Financial Group
LFG logoAs of May 1, 2018, Liberty Life Assurance Company of Boston (Liberty Mutual) is now a wholly owned subsidiary of The Lincoln National Life Insurance Company, a Lincoln Financial Group Company. Your Liberty Mutual Insurance benefits are now provided by Lincoln Financial. The transition to the Lincoln name will take place over the coming months. During this time, you may see reference to Liberty Mutual, Liberty Mutual Benefits a Lincoln Financial Group Company, or Lincoln Financial Group. Please open and read all correspondence you receive about your benefits. Regardless of the brand reference, there will be no interruption to benefits or claims processing. If you have any questions during this time of transition please reach out to Human Resources.

Arlington Public Schools offers a short-term/long-term disability plan. The integrated short-term/long-term disability insurance program is provided for full-time and part-time employees. For purposes of this coverage, part-time is defined as working at least half-time and at least 15 hours per week. After a 30-day elimination period, this plan provides a maximum integrated disability benefit of 60 percent of income. The School Board pays the full cost of this insurance.

Effective December 1, 2012, the disability provider is Liberty Mutual.

Liberty Mutual Certificate of Coverage
Liberty Mutual LTD Summary of Benefits

Through payroll deductions, employees may purchase an increased benefit of 10%, to bring the maximum integrated benefit (60% APS-provided and 10% employee-paid) to 70% of income.

To apply for the LTD buy-up plan outside of your eligibility period, go to www.mylibertyconnection.com to create an account (company code is APSVA). Once your account has been created, click on Complete a Statement of Health and follow the instructions provided.  If you have questions regarding this process, contact the Liberty Mutual Insurance Medical Underwriting team at 1-888-287-8494, prompt 2.

How to File a Disability Claim:
To file a disability claim, review the Liberty Mutual Instruction Sheet. (Instruction Sheet also available in Spanish).