Long Term Care (LTC) Insurance

Keeping up with daily basic activities may require help when you´re dealing with an accident, illness or a chronic condition. Long Term Care Insurance is intended to help in times when the unforeseen leaves you with less capacity to do these kinds of daily tasks on your own.

It can help reimburse the expenses you incur for covered long term care services that are expected to last for 90 days or more. LTC insurance pays benefits to help offset the costs of long term care at your home or in the community, care in assisted living facilities, and care in a nursing home. The cost of coverage is based on the age of the insured individual at the time you enroll in coverage.

You may purchase Long Term Care (LTC) insurance through Genworth Life Insurance Company. To review the program features, family member eligibility, obtain a quote, and apply online, go to https://www.genworth.com/COV, or call Genworth 1-866-859-6060. You pay the full cost of this coverage.

You are eligible for reduced medical underwriting (proof of good health) if you are age 65 and under and apply within 60 days of employment. Full medical underwriting will be required after 60 days or if you are over age 65.