Terminal Pay

Except for summer payments to ten-month employees, when an employee leaves Arlington Public Schools service, a check for all salary earned but not yet paid will be issued.

Annual Leave – Employees who earn annual leave will be paid for all accumulated unused annual leave when they leave Arlington Public Schools service. Employees who earn annual leave and who were hired on or after July 1, 2011, will be paid up to 40 days of accumulated annual leave, based upon rate of pay at retirement.

Sick Leave – Employees with satisfactory performance records who qualify and retire under the Virginia Retirement System or the Arlington County Supplemental Retirement System, and part-time employees who meet the age and service requirements in Arlington Public Schools policy will be paid fifty percent of the value of all accumulated, unused sick leave. Payoffs that exceed $2,500 will be made in pretax dollars under the Arlington Public Schools Separation Pay Plan.

On Death – When an employee dies all salary earned, but not yet paid; all accumulated, unused sick and annual leave; and five additional days salary shall be paid into the direct deposit account on file for the decedent.