APS Staff Profiles of HBCU Graduates

For the last week of Black History Month during the month-long celebration when APS has highlighted the rich history and cultural contributions of HBCUs, it is imperative that we acknowledge, celebrate, and recognize some of the APS staff members that graduated from an HBCU. These individuals illustrate the pivotal role HBCUs play in educating our leaders, both past and present. There are many other APS staff members who graduated from an HBCU that are not highlighted here, but are still celebrated because it is without doubt that the years they spent at their HBCU were integral in shaping the person they are today. So as Black History Month comes to a close, let’s celebrate these and all HBCU graduates!

APS Staff Profiles of HBCU Graduates

Keisha BogganKeisha Boggan

Principal, Thomas Jefferson Middle School
HBCU Attended: North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University (NC A&T)
Major: Political Science
How did your college experience shape your identity?
My HBCU experience provided me with self-confidence, self-awareness, self- pride and a sense of obligation to uphold the rich legacy of HBCU trailblazers.

Corey DotsonCorey Dotson

Talent Acquisition Coordinator, Office of Personnel
HBCU Attended: Southern University and Agricultural & Mechanical College in Baton Rouge,LA
Major: Bachelor’s in Political Science and Master’s in HR Management
How did your HBCU experience prepare you for success?
Given that many HBCU’s are underfunded, my HBCU experience reinforced my ability to make the most out of the limited resources given to you. It is this principle that I continue to apply in both my personal and professional life.

Robert HansonRobert Hanson

Assistant Principal, Thomas Jefferson Middle School
HBCU Attended: North Carolina Central University
Major: Political Science and History
What advice do you have for students wanting to attend an HBCU?
My advice would be “Never be too afraid to try something new, challenge barriers and be open to meeting new people.”

Carl SewardCarl Seward

Assistant Principal, Gunston Middle School
HBCU Attended:
Elizabeth City State University and Hampton University
Major: Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Master’s in Educational Leadership
How did your college experience shape your identity?
When I started college, I was very shy, very serious, and thought that the purpose of going to college was just to get a good education.  My college experience at an HBCU for both undergraduate (Elizabeth City State University) and graduate school (Hampton University) taught me that, while college is the place to go to get a good education, being able to experience life, and doing so with other people, adds texture and character to the education that one earns.  If it were not for the experiences I had at ECSU, and later at Hampton, I am convinced that I would not be as confident a professional and person as I am today.