FY 2016 Adopted Budget

FY 2016 Adopted Budget

Superintendent’s Proposed FY 16 Budget

FY 2016 Budget Development

Community Feedback

Budget Communications Survey Results
The Budget Communications Survey was conducted from October 10 through October 27 on the APS website and the results of the survey can be viewed in the PDF below. This survey was not intended to be a statistically-based survey but rather was designed to give us a snapshot of the community’s views and to provide some guidance for the budget communication process over the next months.

Budget Suggestion Box Results
The Budget Suggestion box was open this fall to gather open-ended feedback on suggestions for developing the budget. You can see the results below.

Previous Meeting Notes & Communications

December 10 Joint Forum with County Board

Sounding Board Meetings

Budget Communication to County Board

Key Stakeholder Meeting Information

Previous Years’ Budgets