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The $416.6 million Arlington Public Schools budget for the 2007-08 school year (FY 2008) continues and strengthens efforts to achieve the goals of the Strategic Plan: raising achievement for all; eliminating gaps among certain groups of students; creating conditions responsive to each student’s talents, interests, and challenges; and building effective relationships with parents and the community.

Fiscal Year 2007 Budget

When the School Board adopted the 2005-2011 Strategic Plan, Arlington Public Schools officially set in place a blueprint for the next six years. Crafted through the dedicated work and response from countless parents and citizens, the new plan builds on the encouraging results from the previous six-year plan to establish a new framework within which the entire school system will work over the coming years to serve Arlington’s children and families even better. The plan promises continuation of those initiatives that have improved student learning, enhanced by changes that will build on and make those initiatives more effective. The FY 2007 Budget constitutes the financial expression of our 2005-2011 Strategic Plan.

Fiscal Year 2006 Budget

The FY 2006 Adopted Budget was developed with one underlying goal: to continue building momentum for instructional excellence and student success. Since the adoption of the current Strategic Plan in 1999, the School Board has instituted a number of successful initiatives to achieve its goals of raising student achievement for all students and eliminating gaps in achievement for black and Hispanic students. As a result, the FY 06 budget concentrates on continuing the push towards excellence by building on a record of steady progress and improvement.

Fiscal Year 2005 Budget

The Arlington Public Schools FY 2005 Budget presents the annual budget to provide the many programs and services offered by the Arlington Public Schools to students, their families, and other residents of Arlington County. It includes summary information about the seven funds that comprise the operating budget managed by the Arlington Public Schools.