Meeting Dates

Below is a tentative list of dates for the CCWG meetings. All meetings are open to the public. (Updated Jan 28)




MEETING TOPIC    LOCATION                    
Jan. 20 (Sat.) 9a-Noon Career Center and Study Area Site Walking Tour Career Center
Jan. 22 (Mon.) 7-10pm Kick-off Meeting: APS Short- and Long-Term Capacity Needs; Arlington Career Center;  Programs and Campus Facilities; Columbia Pike Planning Context, Adopted Vision, and Current Revitalization Efforts Career Center
Jan. 29 (Mon.) 7-10pm Profile of a Graduate and High School Development Options Career Center
Feb 21 (Wed.) 7-10pm Presentations on  Budget/CIP, Library and Black History Museum; Development of Subcommittees Career Center
Feb 26 ( Mon.) 7-10pm Concepts for Career Center Career Center
Mar 10 (Sat.) 9am – Noon Site Phasing Career Center
Mar 19 (Mon.) 7-10pm Review of Site Development Principles Career Center
Apr 12 (Thurs.) 7-10pm Subcommittee meeting TBD
Apr 17 (Tue) 6:30-8:30pm Joint School Board and County Board Work Session on the CCWG TBD
Apr 23 (Mon.) 7-10pm TBD TBD
Apr 30 (Mon.) 7-10pm TBD TBD
May 21 (Mon.) 7-10pm TBD TBD
May 30 (Wed.) 7-10pm TBD TBD
June 13 (Wed.) 7-10pm TBD TBD
June 18 (Mon.) 7-10pm TBD TBD
June 25 (Mon.) 7-10pm TBD TBD
July 23 (Mon.) 7-10pm Review and discuss report outline TBD
Aug 6 (Mon.) 7-10pm Review and discuss report TBD
Aug 17 (Fri) 7-10pm Report submitted TBD