Career Center Working Group: Follow the Journey

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The Career Center Working Group (CCWG) is charged with developing a plan that defines how APS can open 700‐800+ additional seats to the Career Center facility by 2022, within funding already approved by the School Board. Also, the CCWG will provide options for optimizing future development of public facilities with in the study area through a phased development plan. Part of their work is to “think big” and imagine what’s possible. Below are examples of how high schools in other high density areas use building space.

Site tour – January 20th

Working Group members toured the study area,



The tour included a guided tour of the Career Center by Principal Chung and two Assistant Principals of of Arlington Community High School by Principal Thompson.








January 22 Meeting

The Working Group received several presentations about APS capacity needs, the Career Center program and facilities, and Columbia Pike Planning Context, Adopted Vision, and Current Revitalization Efforts.  Read the full meeting notes here.


January 29 Meeting

The Department of Teaching and Learning presented on the Profile of a VA Graduate and design examples of high schools in high density zones. After the presentations, Working Group members took time to comment on aspects of the design comments. Read the full meeting notes here.

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February 21 Meeting

Presentations were made about the CIP, Columbia Pike Library and the Black Heritage Museum of Arlington.

February 26 Meeting

Presentations were made about Neighborhood High School Facilities and Amenities and HS Development Options. Working Group members also participated in an exercise to begin defining how to optimize the site.

March 10 Meeting

Topics presented included potential walk zones for the Career Center,Transportation Planning, and  Open Spaces/Parks.

March 19 Meetings

Presentations were given on the updated High School projections and defining long-term vision for the Career Center campus. The Working Group did not discuss principles during this meeting.

The next meeting is on Thursday, April 12 from 7-9:50 p.m. at the Syphax Education Center (2110 Washington Blvd, 4th floor). All meetings are open to the public.