Presentations and Meeting Notes

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Ground Rules: Proposed Ground Rules for the CCWG

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April 17, 2017 Joint School Board and County Board Work Session

April 12, 2018 Meeting #7

CCWG Charge and Schedule Overview

The evening was focused around hands-on exercises. The Site Optimization slides below provide an overview of those exercises.

Site Optimization:Establishment of a long-term vision for Career Center campus

      Library sub-committee report out (pages 15-17)

Guiding Principles (for discussion)

Field Spaces (for discussion)

March 19, 2018 Meeting #6

March 19 Meeting Agenda

Presentation 1: Updated Enrollment Projections for High School Seats

Presentation 2: Site OptimizationEstablishment of a long-term vision for Career Center campus 

Presentation 3: Discussion of Working Group Principles

March 10, 2018 Meeting #5

March 10 Agenda

Presentation 1: Walk Zones specific to Career Center

 Presentation 2: Transportation

Presentation 3: Open Space/Parks

Options for Columbia Pike Library and Arlington Public Schools at Arlington Public Schools at Walter Reed Briefing Paper

March 10 Meeting Summary

February 26, 2018 Meeting #4

February 26 Agenda

Presentation 1:  Overview of Neighborhood High School Facilities and Amenities

Presentation 2:  HS Development Options

Group exercise

February 26 Meeting Summary

February 21, 2018 Meeting #3

February 21 Agenda

Presentation 1:  Budget Presentation

Presentation 2:  Public Library Presentation

Presentation 3:  Black Heritage Museum

Discussion of Framework for Potential Development Scenarios

January 29, 2018 Meeting #2

Jan 29 Agenda

Presentation 1:  Profile of a Graduate

Presentation 2:  High School Development Options

Jan 29 Meeting Summary

Post-Its:  Above all else, what MUST this project do?

Post-Its:  After the Must Do’s, what else SHOULD this project do?

Post-Its:  In addition, what else COULD this project do?

Transcribed Post-Its

January 22, 2018 – Kick-off Meeting

Presentation 1: APS-short-and-long-term-capacity (updated 1/22/18)

Presentation 2:  Arlington Career Center: Programs and Campus Facilities (updated 1/22/18)

Presentation 3: Columbia Pike Planning Context, Adopted Vision, and Current Revitalization Efforts

Map: GLUP_Zoning_Form_Based_Code

January 22 Meeting Summary

Post-Its: What does success look like?

Post-Its: What does failure look like?

Ground Rules for the Working Group

January 20, 2018 Site Tour

Map of Site Tour