Observation/Field Experience (50 hours or less)

All requests for field experience placements/observations are coordinated through the Professional Learning Office. You must be currently enrolled in a teacher preparation program in order to apply for field experience. Requests for student teacher/counseling or internship requests should be directed to Erin Wales-Smith, in Human Resources. Teachers, principals or assistant principals are not to be contacted directly by the university or students. Please refer to our Field Experience Guidelines for further information.

Application DeadlinesAfter the below dates, we may not be able to honor requests.

  • For Fall placement – application must be received by September 30
  • For Spring placement- application must be received by February 15
  • For Summer placement- application must be received by July 1

Requests will not be sent to the schools until after the third week of school so teachers and students can settle into their routines. We will not be able to place any field experience or observation requests received after these due dates.

Placement Procedures for Observation/Field Experience Requests

  1. Fill out the application for a request for Field Experience. Applications for Spring 2022 were due on February 15, 2022. We are no longer accepting Spring 2022 requests.
    Complete applications include:
    a. Required information in application
    b. Course Syllabus
    c. TB Test
  2. The Professional Learning Office emails the designated school administrator at each school assigned to handle requests.
  3. The school administrator assigns the APS host teacher and returns the information to the Professional Learning Office.
  4. The Professional Learning Office notifies the university student with the APS host teacher contact information.
  5. University student contacts the APS host teacher to finalize the field experience/observation.

If you need any assistance, please reach out to APSlearns@apsva.us.