Observation/Field Experience (50 hours or less)

Arlington Public Schools (APS) requires all university students requesting field placement to complete the APS application process. All requests for field experience placements/observations are coordinated through the Professional Learning Office. Student teaching or counseling/internship requests must be made through the Talent Acquisition Management Department of Human Resources.

You must be currently enrolled in a teacher preparation program in order to apply for field experience. Teachers, principals, or assistant principals are not to be contacted directly by the university or students until placement is finalized. No placements will be made at a school where the student has family members (attending or working), or where the student is currently employed unless approved by the site administrator. APS employees may not complete field experience hours during contract time.

Application Deadlines

  • Fall placement – application must be received by September 30
  • Spring placement – application must be received by February 15
  • Summer placement – application must be received by July 1

We will not be able to complete any field experience or observation requests received after these deadlines. 

Please note: Requests for Fall placements will not be sent to the schools until after the third week of school so teachers and students can settle into their routines.

Placement Procedures for Observation/Field Experience Requests

  1. Fill out the application for a request for Field Experience.  Complete applications include:
    1. Required information in application
    2. Course Syllabus
    3. TB Test (completed within the past year)
  2. Students will receive an email confirmation that the first step of the application is complete, or the request for more information is needed within 7-10 business days of submitting an application.
  3. Upon receipt of a completed application, a Talent and Acquisition Management staff member will reach out to schedule a required Child Protective Service background check and fingerprinting. Please bring the confirmation email with your visit to the Human Resources Office located at 2110 Washington Boulevard, 4th Floor, Arlington VA 22204. (If currently employed with Arlington Public Schools, a TB test, fingerprints, and Child Protective Services background check are already on file in Human Resources and not needed for the Field Experience application process.)
    • Park in B-1 or B-2 and take the elevator to the lobby. Enter the building and check in at the lobby desk (not inside the Welcome Center).
    • Let the staff member at the lobby desk know that you need your fingerprints and CPS background check for Field Experience. Then take the elevator to the 4th floor.
  4. Once your fingerprints and background check have been cleared, please wait up to 2 weeks to receive an email with your placement information.

If you need any assistance, please reach out to rocio.rivero@apsva.us.