Current Substitutes

Current SubstitutesScreen Shot 2019-02-08 at 11.06.30 AM

 Screen Shot 2019-02-08 at 11.49.05 AMAt APS we know substitute teachers are crucial in creating a successful learning environment for our students. Our dedicated substitutes provide instructional support to ensure coverage within the schools when teachers and assistants are absent.



Substitutes must work 22 days in a school year. 11 from the 1​st​ day of school – Jan 31st. Another 11 days from Feb 1​st​ – the last day of school


Substitute assistants can only work assistant jobsCurrent Substitutes

*To move from assistant to teacher please email transcripts showing completed 60 credits to:



Current Substitutes

Substitute Teacher pay is: $15.28 an hour

Current Substitutes    Substitute Assistant pay is: $13.20 an hour

Current Substitutes    Long term Substitute Teacher pay is: 

$15.28 (Days 1-10), $16.97 (Days 11-20), 

$25.46 (Days 21 – end of assignment)

*Sub Teachers that work less than half a day is paid for minimum 4.25 hours

*Sub assistants are paid for any hours worked with no half day adjustment

*Click here to see the APS pay calendar

Current Substitutes

Current Substitutes   To see long term vacancies please log onto your STAN account:

Current Substitutes   If interested in a posted position please send resume and any qualifications to:


Current Substitutes

1. For 50 assignments worked = Bronze Star

2. For 75 assignments worked = Silver Star & Printed APS official badge

3. For 100 assignments worked = Gold Star & Printed APS official badge

*An APS sub lanyard and tag must be worn during substitute job

Three raffles will take place at the end of the year for:

Current Substitutes    Subs that work 100 assignments

Current Substitutes   School base subs, sub coordinators, and long term subs

Current Substitutes    Subs that work at least 10 SPED assignments