Long Term Substitutes

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At APS we know substitute teachers are crucial in creating a successful learning environment for our students. Our dedicated substitutes provide instructional support to ensure coverage within the schools when teachers and assistants are absent.


Long Term Substitutes

Only substitute teachers can do long-term assignments. Assistants are not eligible for long-term positions

Long Term Substitutes

Long-term substitutes receive APS access via email, if having APS access issues please contact ​2847@apsva.us​ or 703-228-2847

Long Term Substitutes

Long-term substitutes must complete their entire term before subbing for other jobs and long-term assignments are not permitted to be more than 90 days per the VDOE guidelines

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Long Term Substitutes

Long term Substitute Teacher pay is:

$18.00 (Days 1-10)

$28.00 (Days 11 – end of assignment)

*Sub Teachers that work less than half a day are paid for a minimum of 4.25 hours

*Sub assistants are paid for any hours worked with no half-day adjustment

*Click here to see the APS pay calendar