Support of English Learners at the Elementary Level

At the elementary level, the amount of instructional time for students varies by grade.

English Learners (ELs) in grades K-2 have monthly learning activities, which include a calendar of daily literacy and math activities that reinforce concepts and skills that were taught in the first three quarters. EL teachers work directly with parents and students to scaffold the calendar activities through weekly phone calls or emails and through Seesaw. They also work with classroom teachers to create and scaffold activities that are shared via Seesaw, to ensure they are accessible to students at varying levels of English language proficiency.

ELs in grades 3-5 are accessing language arts and math lessons through Canvas, Seesaw, and/or Google Classroom. These lessons review and reinforce skills and concepts that were taught in the first three quarters. EL teachers help to create and scaffold reading and writing mini lessons and identify appropriate texts to be shared with students via RAZ Kids. EL teachers also support homeroom teachers in making weekly contact with families via phone calls or emails.

As teachers connect with their English Learners, they will encourage them to continue to practice their language using all four domains when possible. Please feel free to reach out to your child’s grade level or EL Teacher(s) if you have any questions.