Screen Tips for Students

The following tips were excerpted from regarding good screen hygiene:


  • Sit up straight at a table or desk, with feet flat on the floor
  • Keep arms at 90-degree angle
  • Adjust the device so that the top of the monitor is just below eye level
  • Keep monitor at least 15” from the face
  • To prevent glare, set up workstation perpendicular to windows (remove light sources directly in front of, or behind, the monitor)
  • Blink. Keep blinking. Remind your kids to blink.
  • Take frequent breaks – stretch, get a drink of water… dance!
  • Turn off devices around sundown
  • Remove all devices from bedrooms at night
  • Consult your device manufacturer’s health and safety warning documentation


  • Use devices on laps, or place on beds or cushions
  • Have screen closer than 15” from face
  • Look down at screen, or use device lying down on bed, couch or floor
  • Sit on feet, or sit slouched over device
  • Work for more than 30 minutes without a stretch/water – or dance!- break
  • Stare into monitor without blinking
  • Allow young kids to use devices without supervision, or rely on devices to keep kids occupied
  • Stay on devices – or allow kids to – close to bedtime
  • Put light source in front of or directly behind monitor
  • Allow or require kids to use devices without offering alternatives