Technology Education

Technical Education courses are designed to offer an orientation to industry and technology and provide exploratory experiences with the tools, equipment, materials, processes, and products of society. Courses may be elected to assist students in making informed and meaningful career and technical education choices and to prepare them for further education.


High School Courses
2020-2021 Program of Studies

Advanced Drawing & Design
Engineering I: Introduction to Engineering Design
Engineering II: Principles of Engineering
Engineering IV: Design & Development

Middle School Courses
2020-2021 Program of Studies
Exploring Technology (Grade 6)
Inventions and Innovations (Grade 7) Semester
Inventions and Innovations (Grade 7) Full Year
STEAM Foundations (Grade 8)
Technology of Robotic Design (Grade 8)
Technological Systems (Grade 8) Semester
Technological Systems (Grade 8) Full Year