Career and Technical Courses at the Arlington Career Center

A core of CTE courses are available at all middle and high schools. The Arlington Career Center, however, offers additional, unique courses that are not available in the comprehensive high schools or programs. All courses qualify for the Career and Technical/Fine Arts credit necessary for graduationCourses are listed by program area.  Program areas include: Business & IT, Education & Training, Family & Consumer Science, Health & Medical, Technology Education, Trade & Industry.

Business & IT

Advanced Topics in Information Technology
Advanced Topics in Computer Information Systems

Computer Programming
Computer Programming Advanced 

Cybersecurity I: Networks

Cybersecurity I: Operating Systems

Cybersecurity I: Systems Administration

Cybersecurity I: Telecommunications & Routing Protocols

Cybersecurity II: Networks Operations

Cybersecurity II: Network Operations Advanced

Introduction to Information Technology

Family & Consumer Science

Culinary Arts & Sciences I

Culinary Arts & Sciences II


Health & Medical

Advanced Animal Science I/Veterinary Assistant I

Advanced Animal Science II/Veterinary Assistant II

Biotechnology Techniques and Applications

Emergency Medical Technician l

Emergency Medical Technician ll

Forensic Technology w/ application in Biotechnology

Health Sciences

Medical Terminology

Pharmacy Technician

Physical Therapy/Sports Medicine Technology


Education & Training

Air Force Junior ROTC I

Air Force Junior ROTC II

Air Force Junior ROTC III

Air Force Junior ROTC IV

Air Force Junior ROTC V

Air Force Junior ROTC VI

Early Childhood Education I

Early Childhood Education II

Teachers for Tomorrow


Technology Education

Computer Assisted Technical Drawing

Computer Assisted Architectural Drawing

Computer Assisted Engineering Drawing

Digital Animation

Graphic Communications System

Energy and Power

Engineering I: Intro to Engineering Design
Engineering II: Principles of Engineering

Engineering lll: Digital Electronics

Engineering lV: Design & Development

Graphic Communications System

Sustainable & Renewable Technologies

Trade & Industry

Animal Science I/Small Animal Care

Animal Science II/Veterinary Science

Automotive Technology I

Automotive Technology II

Automotive Collision Repair I

Automotive Collision Repair II

Barbering I 

Barbering II

Barbering III

Construction Technology

Cosmetology I

Cosmetology II

Cosmetology III

Electricity I

Electricity II 

Photo & Video Technology I

Photo & Video Technology II

Television Production I

Television & Multimedia Production II

Television & Multimedia Production III