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APS 2021 Hour of Code- Let’s Code Activities

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Tara Linney

Equity in Computer Science

Grades: 1st-5th grade students, teachers, and parents


When we look at the field of technology, we see that it’s not nearly as diverse as it could or should be. To change this, we must start in education. Come learn how you can create equitable coding experiences for your students. Regardless of their racial, gender, cultural, or socio-economic background, ALL students can be empowered in learning how to code! In this session, participants will discover easy-to-implement strategies for making computer science more inclusive in their schools.

Suggested Materials: Khan Academy,, browser: Chrome or Edge


Date: Monday, December 6, 2021

Time: 5:00 p.m.

David Lockett

Create with Raspberry Pi and LEGO SPIKE Prime

Grades: 6th-12th grade students, teachers, and parents

Expand your creative digital skills and discover hands-on learning experiences with LEGO SPIKE Prime and Raspberry Pi.


This session will enable fun and creative learning experiences for students, teachers, and makers. Learn how to use a Raspberry Pi to process sensor readings, run and manage motors, and query sensors.

Suggested Materials: Lego Spike Prime Kit, Raspberry Pi 4 Model B


Date: Tuesday, December 7, 2021

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Wilfredo Padilla Melendez

Creative Coding

Grades: K-5th grade students, teachers, and parents


¿Quieres aprender cómo puedes codificar utilizando BrainPOP? Acompaña al Sr. Padilla para ver cómo podemos crear una conversación y añadir sonidos en una escena. ||Do you want to learn how you can code using BrainPOP? Join Mr. Padilla to see how we can create a conversation and add sounds to a scene.

Suggested Materials: 

APS Issued iPad or laptop/desktop


Date: Thursday, December 9, 2021

Time: 6:30 p.m.

Pre Recorded Sessions
Robert Dudek

VEX Programming with Python

Grades: 6th-8th grade students


VEX Robotics has a cloud based programming environment to do block based and text based programming. Join me in a journey of both modes to see that you can be programming in a virtual environment in just minutes.

Suggested Materials:

APS Issued iPad or laptop/desktop

View Here
Sandra Valentin

“Unplugged” Coding Activity (Session in Spanish)

Grades: PK-2nd grade students


The students from primary grades can create a maze where they learn and discover a pattern that is used in coding: an “algorithm”. They will be using a paper grid and a blank pumpkin to draw/trace the grid squares on it. Students will create the pattern by providing their own instructions on how to start and exit the harvest maze, helping a ‘lost little girl’ find her family at the end of the maze.

Suggested Materials:

scissors, pencil or marker, worksheets, glue

View Here
Dr. Sharon Gaston

Learn to Code Unplugged with Humpty Dumpty Who Always had a Great Fall

Grades: PK-2nd grade students, teachers, and parents


Participants will listen to a read-aloud of Humpty Dumpty Always Had a Great Fall written by Dr. Sharon Gaston. Next, they will play grid based, unplugged, coding game to get Humpty Dumpty to Grandma’s farm during the season of fall while trying to avoid the seasons of winter, spring, and summer.

Suggested Materials: 

• A large piece of butcher paper • Humpty Dumpty Cut-Outs • 1 toilet paper tube • Scissors/tape or glue • Markers/crayons • Coding Cards (Printable) • Seasonal cut-outs • Start & Finish cut-outs

View Here

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