Department of Administrative Services

Dr. Jeannette Allen, Director
Meg Tuccillo, Temporary Policy Liaison (.5)
Vacant, Administrative Assistant

The Department of Administrative Services is responsible for a number of activities that affect the overall climate in the Arlington Public Schools. Among the areas covered by the Department are the following:

  • Principals’ Support: Overseeing the responsibilities of school principals and providing support and guidance on administrative issues.
  • Safety, Security, Risk and Emergency Management: Collaborating with public safety and health officials to develop effective plans in case of emergency or crisis situations in the schools or the community.
  • Student Discipline: Administering on behalf of the Superintendent of Schools the student discipline program, including appeals of disciplinary actions taken at the school-level.
  • Serious Incident Reporting: Monitoring all serious incident reports and reporting as appropriate to local and state authorities.
  • School Safety Audits and Security: Ensuring that schools carry out the required school safety audits and keep their school security plans up to date.
  • Arlington County Police Department: Serving as liaison to the ACPD vis-à-vis School Resource Officers, school crossing guards, and other issues concerning student safety and security.
  • Student Advisory Board: Providing staff support as the liaison for the students who serve on the Arlington School Board’s Student Advisory Board.
  • Arlington Partnership for Children, Youth, and Families: Representing the Arlington Public Schools to the Arlington Partnership.
  • Aspiring Leaders: Succession planning series of professional learning opportunities to help promote and strengthen leadership within APS.

We recently worked with the Arlington Police Department to develop a brochure about interacting with Law Enforcement.
Download the new brochure “Know Your Rights”

Know Your Rights brochure





Admin Services

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