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This fall, Arlington Public Schools will hold our classes online for all students. This means that having a reliable Internet connection in your home is essential to support learning.


Comcast Internet Essentials Sponsorship Program

To help families without Internet service, Arlington Public Schools is offering to pay for up to twelve months of Comcast Internet Essentials service for qualified APS families. This is funded through a generous grant from Arlington County Government and is in partnership with Comcast.

If you do not have reliable Internet at home please call your school to request a sponsorship code. Leave a voicemail with your student’s name and your contact information, the school will call you back.

If you are applying with an APS supplied sponsorship code, no social security number or any other identifying documentation is required.  Even though the online application requests such documentation, you do not need to provide it to be approved.

About Comcast Internet Essentials:

  • 25/3 Mbps download/upload bandwidth with in-home Wi-Fi
  • No term contract and no credit check
  • Current Internet Essentials customers are eligible for this sponsorship, but customers who subscribed to any other Xfinity Internet service within the last 90 days are not eligible.

If you have previously applied for Comcast Internet Essentials service and been denied, we encourage you to reapply, as the qualification criteria have been expanded and restrictions have been loosened. You may qualify under the new terms. Also, please share this information with other APS families so they can benefit from this service.

Once you have your code, you can apply for Comcast Internet Essentials at or call:

 (844) 963-0178


The application is available in multiple languages, including:

English • Español • Soomaali • 简体中文 • русский  •  العربية

A copy of the five language flyer mailed home at the beginning of September is available as a downloadable PDF.

〈  Internet Essentials Sponsored Service APS Flyer.pdf 〉


APS/Comcast Internet Essentials Program Video (PSA)

Arlington County Wifi Hotspots

If students are in extreme need for Internet service, Arlington Public Schools and Arlington County Government are collaboratively providing free WiFi Internet access at the following locations:

Map of WiFi Hotspots

[ Click HERE to view a live map ]


Arlington Central Library 1015 N Quincy St, Arlington, VA 22201
Columbia Pike Library 816 S Walter Reed Dr, Arlington, VA 22204
Aurora Hills Library 735 18th St S, Arlington, VA 22202
Barcroft Sports and Fitness Center 4200 S Four Mile Run Dr, Arlington, VA 22206
Charles Drew Community Center 3500 23rd St S, Arlington, VA 22206
Lubber Run Park 200 N Columbus St, Arlington, VA 22203
Shirlington Village 4200 Campbell Ave, Arlington, VA 22206
Fairlington Community Center Park 3308 S Stafford St, Arlington, VA 22206
Virginia Highlands Park 1600 S Hayes St, Arlington, VA 22202
Courthouse Plaza Courtyard 2100 Clarendon Blvd, Arlington, VA 22201
Sequoia 1 Plaza 2120 Washington Blvd, Arlington, VA 22204
Walter Reed Community Center 2909 16th St S, Arlington, VA 22206
Thomas Jefferson Community Center 3501 2nd St S, Arlington, VA 22204
Langston-Brown Community Center 2121 N Culpeper St, Arlington, VA 22207
Madison Community Center 3829 N Stafford St, Arlington, VA 22207

More information on these hotspots and more can be found at at Arlington County’s Digital Equity page.


Comcast Xfinify Public WiFi Hotspots

In addition to the County provided hotspots, Comcast Xfinity WiFi hotspots located in businesses and outdoor locations are available to anyone who needs them for free during the COVID-19 national emergency, including non-Xfinity Internet subscribers.  Look for “xfinitywifi” in the list of available networks on your device.

More information on the Comcast Xfinity COVID-19 Response can be found here.


WiFi Troubleshooting Tips

Tips for better WiFi Service:

  • Keep your router away from large metal objects and electronics like microwave ovens, cordless phones and Bluetooth devices
  • Avoid crowded spots, such as inside or behind furniture
  • Keep in mind, the closer you are to your router, the better your WiFi performance can be


More tips can be found in this Comcast WiFi Optimization Brochure

XFinity Setup Video
Setup Video

And if you are setting up your Comcast Internet Essentials, you may find helpful information on the Internet Essentials Technical Support page

Or the Xfinity Internet Connectivity Troubleshooting Guide