Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer’s Mission Statement

The Chief Diversity, Equity Inclusion Officer (CDEIO) is a strategic leader position that does not work in a silo. Collaboration in this role is key. The CDEIO’s task is inherently integrative to help the institution become more active in increasing collective awareness about current system inequities in order to promote systemic change on the basis of internal and community-wide collaboration. Whether the goal is defined in terms of increasing access and dignified educational experiences, building relationships, improving teaching and learning, the CDEIO takes steps, that over time, lead to change.

Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at APS

At Arlington Public Schools (APS), equity is one of our core values and fundamental beliefs. While APS has been making great strides to improve and implement equitable learning environments for all students in an effort to eliminate opportunity gaps over the past few years, the School Board envisioned hiring an equity leader that would weave equity into all APS practices for students, families and staff. As a result, the School Board requested that a Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer (CDEIO) position be created so one individual would be tasked with progressing the equity landscape at APS.

In December 2019, APS hired its first Chief Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Officer (CDEIO) to implement equitable practices across the entire school division. The School Board appointed Arron Gregory to the CDEIO position on Dec. 19, 2019. The CDEIO is responsible for implementing division-wide initiatives and programs that promote instructional equity while creating diverse and inclusive environments for students and employees to ensure an equal opportunity for success across APS. This is an executive-level position that reports directly to the superintendent and works closely with the Office of Equity & Excellence.

Over the next few months, the CDEIO will host a series of events where he will listen to the concerns of the community regarding the equity challenges currently facing APS students and staff. After the CDEIO hears from the community, he will begin to share his plan for improving equity at APS based on his initial equity assessment and community feedback.

View the CDEIO’s 30/60/90 Day Assessment Plan

APS Equity Policy

The School Board approved a new Equity policy (A-30) on Aug. 20, 2020 that includes governance in four key areas: Governance Equity Practices; Educational Equity Practices; Workforce Equity Practices; and Operational Equity Practices. The equity policy has been in development since the Fall of 2018 as a directive from the School Board and has been a collaborative effort that included input from many internal and external stakeholders.

View School Board Policy A-30 Equity

A Message From the Superintendent and School Board

The tragic death of George Floyd and many others before him, as well as the events that have unfolded since, are bringing into stark focus the pervasive injustice and inequality that African Americans face every day in our society from systemic and institutionalized racism. Read full statement 

Here is a recording regarding HBCU’s and You.

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