Early Childhood (Pre-K)


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Virginia Preschool Initiative (VPI)

VPI is a full day Pre-K program located at 15 elementary schools (35 classrooms). Students must turn four years old by by September 30th to be accepted into the program. A student’s family must meet income eligibility guidelines to enroll. This program follows curriculum which is research based, developmentally appropriate and has been shown to increase academic and social success for students.

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Primary Montessori

A full day Montessori Pre-K program is offered at 6 elementary schools (18 primary classrooms) and is for students ages three to five. Students must turn three years old by September 30 to enroll. Two-thirds of the available slots are for students whose families meet income eligibility guidelines. Tuition for three-and four-year-old children is charged on a sliding fee schedule based on family income. Any Arlington family may apply for this program.

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Arlington County Office of Child & Family Services

The Arlington County Office of Child & Family Services serves over 200 private preschool and daycare providers. To view a complete list, click here: https://family.arlingtonva.us/child-care/

APS Pre-K Special Education & ChildFind Office

The Child Find process is a part of the APS Department of Student Services and Office of Special Education.Children with suspected delays, such as  in the areas of cognition, communication, hearing, vision, social-emotional skills, and/or motor skills, are referred to a student study committee to determine whether the child requires assessment for consideration of eligibility for special education services. To learn more, contact the APS ChildFind Office at 703-228-2550.





APS Office of Early Childhood

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