Elementary Implementation


Three elementary schools previously utilized standards-based instruction, grading, and reporting. Discovery Elementary School began in Fall 2015, and Ashlawn and Oakridge joined the pilot in Fall of 2018.

Standards-based instruction focuses on what students understand and does not utilize traditional letter grades. Standards-based grading and reporting practices –

  • Align to best practices in teaching and learning
  • Promote consistency
  • Focus on what students know and can do
  • Are specific
  • Involve students

The APS pilot schools currently utilize a progress report that provides families with their student’s current level of mastery for various standards. In the Fall of 2019, eight additional elementary schools (Abingdon, Barrett, Fleet, Hoffman Boston, McKinley, Nottingham, Randolph, and Tuckahoe) will also implement standards-based instruction, grading, and reporting.

As the implementation of standards-based reporting is expanded at the elementary level, we will continue to communicate with families, support teachers and administrators, and gather stakeholder feedback. As we learn from the implementation throughout the 2019-20 school year, we will consider expansion of standards-based reporting to other elementary sites in the future.


Community Info Session 2019 – Presentation 

Why Standards-based Grading and Reporting?

Standards based Reporting Parent Guide -English

Standards-based Reporting Parent Guide – Spanish


Please contact Sarah Putnam, APS Director of Curriculum and Instruction.