Emergency Management

Arlington Public Schools works diligently on the safety and security of our facilities for our students, families, employees and visitors.  One of our top priorities is the safety and wellbeing of your student while at school.  With the support of our partners including Arlington County Police Department and Arlington County Fire and Rescue Department; Arlington Public Schools has a comprehensive safety, security, risk and emergency management plan that outlines our commitment and improvements that we are dedicated to.  To find out more about what Arlington Public Schools is committed to and what improvements we are dedicated to visit our Comprehensive Safety, Security, Risk and Emergency Management Plan website. 

Arlington Public Schools has developed information on how to prepare and respond to emergencies that may occur at school to include: building evacuation, severe weather, shelter-in-place procedures, lockdown procedures, violence, earthquakes and more.  Click here to learn how to respond to emergencies to may occur at school.

Emergencies strike with little to no notice, don’t hesitate – take a moment now to review emergency procedures for Arlington Public Schools.  We’ve made it easy for you to find the resources you need to prepare yourself for emergency situations that may arise at school.  Select the appropriate audience type from the options below to get started.

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Students and Families Employees Visitor

The following resources are available to review and provided as best practices approaches to emergency response.

Print Materials
Contact Administrative Services to receive copies of:

Need More Help?
We understand this is a lot of information, and we’re here to help clear up any confusion or concerns.  If in doubt, we encourage you to contact Administrative Services at 703.228.6008.



APS Emergency Management

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APS Emergency Management

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