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Below is a list of current & upcoming initiatives for the 2017-18 School Year. Check back often as additional information and new initiatives are added.


  • Career Center

    • The School Board is planning for the expected growth in high school enrollment and approved the planning for 700-800 additional high school seats to be added at the Career Center.  A long-range site plan is also currently being developed for consideration.
    • The School and County Boards jointly appointed members to the Career Center Working Group (CCWG) to lead this work.
    • More information
  • Elementary Planning Initiative

    • Review will look at elementary walk zones and locations of neighborhood and option schools.
    • Final goal will be to adjust all elementary boundaries
    • More Information
  • Naming Policy

    • The School Board is in the process of reviewing all APS policies including School Board policy 50-1.10 Naming of Schools/Facilities.  The School Board is directing the Superintendent and staff to review and recommend more comprehensive Naming Criteria for the School/Facility Naming Policy to strengthen the criteria for school names.
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  • New School Principal Search

    • APS will open a new middle school in September 2019 at the Stratford site (currently the location of HB Woodlawn and the Stratford Program). We are conducting a nationwide search for a principal to lead this new school, and are seeking community input.
    • APS is conducting a nationwide search for a principal to lead the new elementary school at Drew, and is working with the community in preparation for the new school that will launch in September 2019.
    • More Information
  • Reed Building

    • APS’ Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) for FY 2017-26 includes up to $49 million for the Reed Building Expansion, creating 725+ elementary seats that will open for August 2021.
    • New Elementary School at Reed Design & Construction BLPC (Building Level Planning Committee) page
  • Strategic Plan

    • Development of a new strategic plan is gearing upto define mission, vision and core values, and articulate goals and aspirations for students, staff,and APS as a whole.
    • Community engagement process begins in November.
    • There will be opportunities to participate throughout the school year
    • More Information
  • Acceptable Use (Technology / 1:1 Device)

    • The School Board requested that APS develop guidelines to guide how our students use digital devices to support their learning.
    • The School Board reviewed in January
    • More information
  • Capital Improvement Plan (CIP)


  • Fiscal Year (FY) 2019 Budget

    • Community Engagement begins in November..
    • Budget & Finance for additional information.
  • Inclusion



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