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Engage with APSIn schools and classrooms, and with the help of our advisory committees, families and neighbors, APS is partnering with our entire community to create the best learning experiences for our students. Shaping the future for our children — now more than ever — requires a continuous, collaborative and coordinated effort from across our community.


  • Curriculum Resource Adoption

    • Through the 2016-17 resource adoption
 process, Arlington Public Schools has been vetting English language arts, science, and social studies materials that best create opportunities for personalized 
learning. The process includes consideration
 of digitally curated content for instruction
 as well as tools for differentiated and 
adaptive learning experiences.
  • Enrollment & Transfer Policy Revisions

    • SB Policy 25-2.2, Enrollment and Transfers for Schools and Programs.was revised on June 1, 2017. The purpose of this revision is three-fold:
      • To make it easier for families to understand the school options available and processes to apply;
      • To align the structure of the policy and procedures with best practices; and
      • To allow for flexibility in making adjustments in the future as we continue to address capacity.


  • K-12 Instructional Vision

    • Student enrollment continues to grow, and APS is working to implement complex and overlapping development initiatives outlined in the 3-5 Year Action Plan. The DRAFT proposal for K-12 Instructional Alignment:
      • is designed to kick off a community discussion as we shape a long term plan for providing school options,
      • Does not specify a timeline for adoption, but instead will be shaped by community input and implemented over time, and
      • complements two decisions that the School Board will vote on in June.


  • New 1300 High School Seats

    • In June 2017, the School Board will vote on a plan to add 1,300 new high school seats. The building will open in September, 2022.
  • Personalized Learning – One-to-One Devices

    • Personalized learning environments provide for educational experiences that are specifically tailored to the needs of each individual student. We want to hear from you about one-to-one devices and how the program is supporting learning for your child.
  • Proposed Revisions to School Board Policies

    • The School Board has been reviewing and revising policies to ensure that they meet the needs of the school division and address the changing needs of the community.  We are revising and gathering feedback on the following policies:
      • Student Services: Student Equal Education Opportunities/Nondiscrimation (25-1.15)
      • Student Services: Home Instruction (25-1-18)
      • Support for Students-Wellness (25-3)
      • Student Services: Threat Assessment Team(25-3.11)
      • Student Services: Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 (25-4.3)
      • Human Resources: Employee Relations – Equal Employment Opportunity (35-4.4)
      • General Administration: Boundaries (30-2.2)
      • School Board: Human Relations (10-13)


  • Online Feedback Opportunities


Resource Adoption Public Review

This school year, the English/Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies Offices have been working with stakeholders to identify both basic and supplementary resources for implementation in Arlington Public School classrooms.

Feedback Needed on School Options

As part of Arlington Public Schools’ 3-5 Year Action Plan, new elementary (Grades K-5), middle (Grades 6-8), and high schools (Grades 9-12) will be opening over the next several years.


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