Arlington Career Center Project in the Superintendent’s Proposed FY2022-24 Capital Improvement Plan

Fact Sheet on ACC Proposal
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  • Adds new facility for the Arlington Career Center to address enrollment growth, and reimagines a dynamic PreK-12 campus that expands secondary instructional pathways to graduation for Arlington students
  • Better utilizes the centrally located campus currently occupied by the Arlington Career Center, Arlington Community High School and the Montessori Public School of Arlington
  • Includes the construction of a new Arlington Career Center facility that:
    • Doubles Arlington Tech planned seats to 1,200 seats for secondary students
    • Expands Arlington Tech to include middle school option program with a project-based learning focus
    • Provides new fields, expanded open green space and amenities for school and community use
  • Moves Montessori Public School of Arlington to the current Arlington Career Center building with renovations, with expanded capacity for 775 students, achieving the Montessori vision of one school, grades PreK-8
  • Relocates Arlington Community High School to another location, better suited to the students’ needs
  • Addresses current instructional needs, likely to evolve over time and building projects may be scaled back to fit the allocated budget

Amenities Included in Space Planning for the campus

  • Multiple state-of-the-art labs for Arlington Career Center’s Career & Technical Education (CTE) programs
  • Expanded field and open space, better located for both Arlington Career Center and the Montessori Program
  • Competition-size gymnasium with seating for 1,500
  • Performing and visual arts spaces
  • School Library
  • Play space and playground equipment for Montessori
  • Gym and multipurpose rooms, and other spaces required in elementary schools
  • Onsite structured parking with 420 spaces off 9th street

Campus Permanent Capacity: 2020 Proposal vs. new proposal

  Arlington Community High School Arlington Career Center Montessori Public School of Arlington TOTAL CAMPUS
Current State* 200 950 463 1,613

New Proposal

Upon Completion 

0 (Relocated) 1,700 775 2,475

2020 Proposal

Upon Completion  

200 1,900 463 2,563

*2021 Projected Capacity Utilization Tables         


The current CIP sets aside funds to proceed with concepts and design. Following the approval of the FY 2022-24 CIP, APS will begin to develop concept and possibly begin the schematic design prior to the FY 2023-32 CIP. This work will include re-engagement with the BLPC/PFRC and will be approved by the School Board at every stage.

The approved funding is expected to include (1) the relocation of Arlington Community High School, (2) the demolition of the Fenwick building and construction of temporary parking, (3) a new building for Arlington Career Center, (4) the renovation of the current ACC building as an elementary school and play spaces and the relocation of MPSA; (5) construction of an above ground parking garage, (6) the demolition of the MPSA building, (7) the construction of a new field/fields.

The following images are not the final site design but are used to show general feasibility. An overview and sketch of the phased development for the Career Center Campus and are being developed and used to estimate costs by June 14. The BLPC and PRFC will reconvene and review a revised concept design that may adjust the placement of the new building and any adjustments to fit the project within the approved funding.

Arlington career center expansion phase 1JUNE 2021

  • 973 full-time students
    • 460 at MPSA
    • 513 at ACC
  • 673 part-time students
    • 500 at ACC taking a CTE course
    • 173 attending ACHS

Arlington career center expansion phase 2PHASE 1 (BY AUG 2023): ACHS RELOCATION

  • Identify and negotiate terms of off-site leased space
  • Begin design phase to modify space for school use
  • 1,134 full-time students
    • 523 at MPS
    • 611 at ACC
    • 525 part-time students taking a CTE course at ACC

Arlington career center expansion phase 3PHASE 2 (BY DEC 2025): BUILDS NEW ACC FACILITY

  • Expanded capacity for Grades 6-12 Arlington Tech program with classrooms and other spaces that are not currently in the existing facility including:
    • Right sized cafeteria and library
    • New – competition size gymnasium (seats 1,500)
    • New – performing and visual arts spaces
    • Upgraded – CTE labs and classrooms
  • Temporary parking and play space will be relocated onsite
  • 1,923 full-time students
    • 523 at MPSA
    • 1,400 at ACC
    • 900 part-time students taking a CTE course (3 times/day in 2 period blocks)


  • Construct an above-ground parking structure
  • Construction of field begins with demolition of old MPSA building
  • 2,175 full-time students
    • 775 at MPSA
    • 1,400 at ACC
    • 900 part-time students taking a CTE course at ACC

Arlington career center expansion phase 5PHASE 4 (BY AUG. 2028)

  • Redevelop a significant portion of the site for fields and open space for school and community use
  • 2,175 full-time students
    • 775 at MPSA
    • 1,400 at ACC
    • 900 part-time students taking a CTE course at ACC