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FY 2025-34 Capital Improvement Plan

Every two years, the School Board adopts a Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) that addresses APS capital needs—investments needed to improve or enhance the infrastructure of our schools—over the next ten years. The CIP includes major capital projects, such as new schools and school additions, as well as major maintenance and minor construction projects.

Fiscal Year 2025-34 Capital Improvement Plan Direction

The School Board’s 2025-34 CIP Direction was presented as an information item on December 14, 2023. The CIP direction focuses the work that will shape the Superintendent’s Proposed FY 2025-34 CIP. The School Board’s FY 2025-34 CIP Direction included the following amendments:

  • Strike the bullet points that read “Relocation of the MPSA program. Identify the reuse of the legacy Arlington Career Center Building.”
  • Replace them with “Relocation for the MPSA program into the legacy Arlington Career Center Building with options for least three different price points (low, medium, high), not to exceed $45 million.

The Superintendent’s Proposed 2025-34 CIP was presented on May 16, 2024. The proposal underscores our commitment to maintaining safe, high-quality schools and provides funding for our most crucial facilities and infrastructure projects.  The proposal follows the School Board’s direction for both ongoing projects and new investments, including:

  • Finalizing safety and security vestibules and kitchen renovations at all schools;
  • Completing synthetic turf field replacements;
  • Proceeding with the Arlington Career Center construction project;
  • Prioritizing additional school roof replacements, HVAC systems, and other renovations and maintenance projects; and
  • Upgrading our Stars employee resource system to improve efficiency.


The School Board voted on the FY 2025-34 Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) Direction on December 14, 2023.

View the FY 2025-34 CIP Direction

CIP Development Timeline

Fall 2023

Spring 2024

Fall 2024

  • November 5, 2024: Arlington Residents Vote on the School Bond Referendum

*These Dates Are Subject to Change

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