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Why is APS working on policies related to Inclusion?

APS will review policies related to Inclusion.Through this work, we seek to support a diverse and inclusive school community, committed to academic excellence and integrity, by maximizing inclusive and effective instruction, intervention and support for all students, including those with special and dual needs.  This includes ensuring that, “Inclusive education is both a vision and a practice…of welcoming, valuing, empowering, and supporting the diverse academic, social/emotional, language, and communication learning of all students in shared environments and experiences for attaining the desired goals of education.  Inclusion is a belief that everyone belongs, regardless of need or perceived ability, and that all are valued and contributing members of the school community” (Villa and Thousand, 2016).

Who will be impacted?

All APS students and families may be impacted by a review of policies related to Inclusion.

How can I participate?

There will be a series of online and in-person opportunities for engagement. 

What is the timeline?

The community engagement process will take place in January and February. The School Board will make a decision in March. 

How will my input be used?

The community will be able to provide input on policies related to Inclusion.


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