Elementary Feeder School Structure Committee: Dual Language Immersion Program


APS is continuing to develop the PreK-Adult Instructional Programs and Pathways (IPP) framework (www.apsva.us/engage/prek-adult-instructional-programs-and-pathways/). The IPP process will include a visioning process for the K-12 dual language immersion (DLI) program that began in February 2021. The Elementary Feeder School Structure Committee will commence work in September 2021 after the Task Force identifies the recommended program model for the Dual Language Immersion program in August. The elementary feeder school structure will support the instructional model for the Dual Language Immersion program.

Status Update

  • June 9- School talk message to dual language immersion community, K-12 – TOPIC: Update on DLI Visioning Process and Elementary Feeder Structure Committee – English | Spanish
  • May 2- School talk message to dual language immersion community, K-12 – TOPIC: Announcement of DLI Visioning Task Force and Elementary Feeder Structure Committee members – English | Spanish

Committee charge

Review the current elementary school feeder structure (As of 2021-22) for the Dual Language Immersion program and consider if any changes are needed based on the goals and considerations below. The goal is to have a recommendation on a proposed feeder structure ready to share with APS staff and community for feedback by Early November 2021. The recommendation from this committee will be considered by a cross-departmental team of APS Central Office staff, who will make the final decision on the feeder structure


Ensure the feeder structure:

  1. Supports the instructional model the Dual Language Immersion Task Force recommends (currently a Two-Way Instructional Model with 50% heritage/native Spanish speakers and 50% English speakers & non-Spanish speaking English Learners.
    1. While the lottery process allocates seats for incoming Kindergarten accordingly, the feeder structure determines the pool of applicants for each Immersion school.
  2. Ensures equity and access
    1. Transportation is a key consideration with regard to the feeder structure. This includes travel distance to the assigned school as well as modes of transportation available to students and families to access the school
    2. Priority given to those communities with the most transportation challenges (or the fewest transportation options – all modes of transportation) and greatest need for transportation
    3. Operational feasibility
  3. Ensures and promotes demographic diversity
    1. Relates to above regarding applicant pool for the lottery at each school and the role the feeder structure plays in this.

Process to form the Elementary Feeder School Structure Committee

Central Office staff – Department Supervisors recommended a staff member from their Department. Preference was given to staff who are bilingual (Spanish/English) and/or have experience with the Dual Language Immersion program. Representatives from the Equity Office and Transportation Office were included.

School-based Administrator- Elementary Principals identified whether they or a designee would serve on the Elementary Feeder School Structure Committee

Parents – At the elementary and middle school level, PTA presidents from each school identified a member or former member of their school community to serve as the parent rep on the elementary feeder school structure committee

  • Bilingual parents are preferred (Spanish/English) but not required.
  • Must have a child in the Dual Language Immersion program or one who completed the APS Dual Immersion program.
  • Knowledge of the Dual Language Immersion program


Elementary Feeder School Structure Committee  (Led by Planning & Evaluation Office)

Central Office Staff- Jonathan Turrisi, Director of Strategic Planning

Gladis Bourdouane, Integrated Project Planner

James Sample, Office of Equity & Inclusion

Kristin Haldeman, Transportation Office


Parents (2) Ana Carolina Prieto, Mary Gunderson


Parents (2)-Melania Saraniero. Adon Hwang


Parents (3)-Paula Cordero-Salas, Rachel Berkey, Emily Teeter


Parents (3) – Ethan Kearns, Gillian Burgess, Susi Menazza

Elementary Administrators/Designee (2) -Jessica Panfil (Claremont), Heidi Heim (Key)

Announcement date of all Committee members –  Monday, May 3


Committee Meeting Dates (Elementary Feeder Structure)

#1- Sept 27, 2021 – 7pm – 8:15

#2- Oct 13, 2021 – 7pm – 8:15

#3- Oct 25, 2021 – 7pm – 8:15

#4- Nov 8, 2021 – 7pm – 8:15



Elementary Feeder School Structure Map (for 2021-22)