Dual Language Immersion Visioning Process

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APS is continuing to develop the PreK-Adult Instructional Programs and Pathways (IPP) framework (www.apsva.us/engage/prek-adult-instructional-programs-and-pathways/). The IPP process will include a visioning process for the K-12 dual language immersion (DLI) program, scheduled to begin in Feb.for completion by early 2022.

Status Update

  • Jan.14 Joint Claremont/Key PTA Meeting  – Information on dual language immersion visioning process English | Spanish
  • Jan.13- School talk message to dual language immersion community, K-12 | English | Spanish
  • Jan.11 Information on dual language immersion visioning process shared with immersion staff at Claremont, Key, Gunston, Wakefield
  • Gunston & Wakefield PTA meetings (TBD)



The APS program evaluation for World Languages will be completed in February 2021 and provides a valuable source of data to inform the DLI visioning process. The visioning process is being led by Department of Teaching and Learning (DTL), World Languages Office, and Dual Language Immersion principals with support from Dept. of Planning and Evaluation. The visioning process will also include the Office of English Language Learners; Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer; Office of Equity and Excellence; teachers; advisory groups; PTAs; and families. In addition, APS staff will be working together with a prominent leader in the national immersion community, Rosa Molina, Executive Director of the Association of Two-Way Dual Language Education (ATDLE). In the last five years, Ms. Molina has helped lead more than 30 visioning processes across the nation for immersion programs. She is highly experienced and will be an integral part of the APS visioning process.


  • Conduct an inclusive and collaborative process with the contributions of all stakeholders ​
  • Ensure biliteracy and bilingualism through a high-quality model of instruction​
  • Align curriculum framework and adopt curricular resources for Spanish language arts​
  • Ensure equity and access​
    • Close the achievement/opportunity gap​
    • Address areas of under-representation ​
    • Define feeder structure for Elementary DLI program​
  • Develop long-range plans​
  • Recruit and retain diverse staff


Date​       Immersion Visioning Process​ Activities
Jan. 2021​
  • Meetings with DLI staff, Immersion Community​
Feb. 2021​
  • World Languages program evaluation presented to School Board
Feb. – May 2021​
  • Internal work with DLI staff K-12​
June – Oct. 2021​
  • Formation and work of DLI Task Force​
End of Oct. 2021​
  • DLI Task Force recommendations shared in IPP Monitoring Report to School Board
Nov. 2021​
  • DLI Task Force report completed and shared publicly​
  • Community input​
Dec. 2021​
  • DLI Task Force reviews community input​
Jan. 2022​
  • Final recommendation made to School Board in IPP Action Item to School Board​
Sept. 2022​
  • Begin implementation of School Board DLI Visioning


This comprehensive process will include formation of a task force later this Spring that will include community representatives, including those from Key, Claremont, Wakefield and Gunston. Staff will be updating and gathering input from the broader APS community throughout the visioning process.

  • Updates to community at PTA meetings
  • Virtual Community Meetings & Open Office Hours​ (Dates to be announced)
  • School Talk messages, social media posts, including Facebook Live video sessions​
  • Broader community engagement and input opportunities through IPP process in November 2021


  1. Why is APS engaging in visioning process for the immersion program?
    • Typically, Dual Language Immersion (DLI) programs engage in a visioning process every five years​​
    • The APS program evaluation for World Languages will be completed in February 2021 and provides a valuable source of data to inform the DLI visioning process
    • APS Policy A-6.31- Accountability & Evaluation states that programs undergo a program evaluation​


Dual Language Immersion Programwww.apsva.us/world-languages/immersion-program/

Includes information about APS’s Dual Language Immersion Program including frequently asked questions about the dual language immersion program.

Dual Language Immersion Program Brochure – www.apsva.us/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/ImmersionProgram_new.pdf

VDOE – Dual Language Immersion Education:Supporting K-12 Implementation in Virginiawww.doe.virginia.gov/instruction/foreign_language/resources/dual-language-immersion-2020.pdf