Hybrid In-Person/Distance-Learning Model

All students will begin the school year in the full-time distance learning model.  We will continue to monitor the health data in September, with the goal of beginning to transition some staff and students to in-person instruction in early October, which is the mid-point in the first quarter of the school year. Our goal is to have hybrid in-person instruction in place for all families that have selected that model by the beginning of the second quarter, based on health data and in consultation with health officials.  

The hybrid in-person/distance-learning model delivers in-person instruction in APS schools, with physical distancing and health and safety measures in place to protect students and staff, per CDC and VDH guidelines.

In this model, students will attend school in-person on two consecutive days each week, and engage in self-directed, asynchronous distance learning on the other three days. Mondays would give teachers time for planning and also for small-group interventions conducted synchronously, as necessary. Students will be automatically enrolled in this hybrid model if their families do not submit a response to the intent-to-return selection process open from July 6 through July 20.

Face coverings/masks are required for students and staff while at school/work unless medically exempt.

The graphic below illustrates the model. Half of students enrolled in the hybrid model (Group 1) attend school in person on Tuesday and Wednesday, while Group 2 participates in distance learning asynchronously. Group 2 attends school in person on Thursday and Friday, while Group 1 participates in distance learning. Scheduling and group assignments will be determined centrally later this summer based on enrollment, and siblings will be assigned to the same in-school schedule when possible.

graphic representation of hybrid instruction model

  • In the hybrid model, elementary students focus on literacy, numeracy, Social Studies, Science, specials (Art, Music, PE). Middle & high school students would participate in courses which they selected in early spring via block schedule.
  • Students will engage in assignments and activities that explore new content on both in-school and distance learning days.
  • New content and all courses required by Virginia standards of learning will be offered.
  • General classroom instruction will feature whole group, small group, and individual support at all grade levels.
  • Additional instruction will be provided to English Learners as required.
  • Special Education services will be provided both in person and virtually to meet IEP hours to every extent possible.
    • IEP teams will meet in the fall to make any adjustments to services or accommodations needed to access distance learning.
  • Social-Emotional Learning will be provided weekly for all grades.
  • Mondays are designated for teacher planning, synchronous, teacher-led small-group interventions and asynchronous distance learning.
  • Modified transportation will be provided, with physical distancing.

What Distance Learning Is

Distance learning will complement in-school instruction with dynamic learning activities that can be completed independently, using online curriculum resources and instructional tasks assigned by teachers. Distance learning activities include:

  • Small group work
  • Video introduction of new content
  • Independent practice; assessment of proficiency
  • Continued purposeful interaction with peers
  • Thoughtful engagement with curriculum
  • Access help during intervention period
  • Engagement in teacher-supported extensions
  • Opportunities to review previously taught material to remediate or strengthen understanding and/or skills

What Distance Learning Is Not

  • Participation in live-stream instruction
  • Daily structured schedule