Policies for Revision/Amendment

The following policies are being considered for revision/amendment by the School Board. Hyperlinks to existing or draft proposals are provided below for your convenience. Policies noted as “new” will be added as drafts become available.

If you would like to submit a comment regarding a School Board Policy listed below, please feel free to email engage@apsva.us or click here to submit an online feedback form. Please be sure to include the policy you are referencing in your correspondence. https://www.apsva.us/engage/engage-aps-online-feedback/


Policy Number Policy TITLE SB for Information SB for Action Deletion/New/ Revised/ Amended Accompanying PIPs Departments Involved
D-10.1 Purchasing 2/7/2019 3/14/2019 R D-10 1 PIPs- 1-12 F&MS
D-10.30 Purchasing – School Board Approval Required on Consruction and Non-Construction Contracts 2/7/2019 3/14/2019 R D-10.30 PIP-1 F&MS
I- Addition or Deletion of Courses 2/7/2019 2/21/2019 R I- PIP-1 DTL, IS
I-11.6.30 Graduation 2/21/2019 3/14/2019 R I-11.6.30 PIP-1 DTL, IS
I-11.6.32 Retention 2/21/2019 3/14/2019 R DTL, IS
I-11.6.31 Promotion 2/21/2019 3/14/2019 R DTL, IS
B-2 School Board 2/21/2019 3/14/2019 R School Board
B-4 School Board Meetings 2/21/2019 3/14/2019 N School Board
B-2.31 Members 2/21/2019 3/14/2019 R School Board
B-2.32 Conduct 2/21/2019 3/14/2019 R School Board
J-15.31 Reporting Students Enrolled in Programs 3/14/2019 3/28/2019 R DTL
New – G-1.2 Acceptable Use Policy – Staff 3/14/2019 3/28/2019 N IS, SCR, HR, F&O
New – I-11.6.34 Secondary Course Withdrawal 3/28/2019 4/11/2019 N DTL, IS
New – M-12.1 Technology Infrastructure 4/11/2019 5/2/2019 N M-12 PIP 3; M-12 PIP 6 IS
New- M-12.2 Technology Equipment 4/11/2019 5/2/2019 N M-12 PIP 1; M-12 PIP 8 IS
New Goals 4/11/2019 5/2/2019 R School Board
I-7.1.11 Use of Animals 4/11/2019 5/2/2019 D I-7.1.11 PIP-1 DTL
J-6.8.1 Student Safety – Bullying/Harassment Prevention 5/2/2019 5/23/2019 R J-6.8.1 PIP-1 DTL, AS
A-6.31 Evaluation 5/9/2019 5/23/2019 R A-6.31 PIP-1 P&E, DTL
A-6.30 Strategic Plan 5/9/2019 5/23/2019 R A-6.30 PIP-1 P&E, DTL
New Technology Systems 5/23/2019 5/23/2019 N IS
New Equity 5/23/2019 6/6/2019 N All
New Inclusion 6/6/2019 6/18/2019 N All

Transgender & Gender Nonconforming Students PIP

Community Input on the draft PIP

6/18/2019 Monitoring Report (the School Board does not adopt PIPs) N All
E-3.31 Health & Safety  6/6/2019 6/18/2019 N/R AS, F&O
New Code of Conduct, Discipline related policies TBD TBD R AS, SS (DTL), IS
K-14.30 Volunteers TBD TBD R SCR
K-14.31 Volunteer Programs TBD TBD R K-14.31 PIP-1 SCR
I-1.33 General Instruction 10/4/2018 TBD D None DTL

*The information and dates above are current as of 02/26/2019 and are subject to change.