Policies for Revision/Amendment

Public Comment Process

Once the internal stakeholder policy process is complete, starting April 15, 2020, policies will be shared on this page to gather input through a new public comment feedback process. Policy drafts are made available for 30 days to ensure that all interested stakeholders have an opportunity to provide input. Please click on the policy name (s) below to access the drafts. This transparent process allows for an equitable community feedback stage prior to bringing forth the final draft as an information item at a School Board meeting. Please note that suggestions may be submitted during the comment period. Staff consider all suggestions but do not provide individual responses. The following policies are currently open for comments:

Number Title Comment Period Opens Comment Period Closes To access policy questionnaire(s), click on links below
E.5.1.2 School Start Times 6/1/2020 7/1/2020 E.5.1.2

Once the feedback stage is complete, final drafts of each policy will be posted as an information item at the School Board Meetings page on the corresponding meeting date listed. Community members are also encouraged to provide feedback by signing up to speak at a School Board meeting. To learn more about the policy development process, click on the Engage page to view the steps for the process.

Policies Being Considered for Revision/Amendment

The following policies are being considered for revision/amendment by the School Board during the 2019-20 school year. Hyperlinks to existing policies are provided below for your convenience. New or revised policies being considered for adoption by the School Board are available in BoardDocs, the draft policies are published in the agenda for the board meetings and are linked in the table below. Policies noted as “new” will be shared as a draft through the public comment process beginning April 15, 2020. Community members are encouraged to review our policy schedule and provide suggested changes or additions to existing policies, and drafts being considered by the Board, as we go through the drafting process. Feedback can be shared at engage@apsva.us or by submitting input through the online feedback form. Please be sure to include the policy you are referencing in your correspondence.


Policy Number Policy TITLE & link to current policy Anticipated SB Action SB Meeting for Information SB Meeting for Action Deletion/New/ Revised/ Amended Accompanying PIPs Departments Involved
A-6.30 Development and Assessment of Strategic Plan TBD TBD TBD R A-6.30 PIP-1 P&E, DTL
D-1.33 Community Activities Fund TBD TBD TBD R D-1.33 PIP-1 F&M
D-15 External Funding and Commercial Activities TBD TBD TBD R D-15 PIPs 1-17 F&M
F-1 Financial Management – Capital Improvement Plan TBD TBD TBD R F-1 PIP 1 F&M/ F&O
F-5.7 Construction & Maintenance TBD TBD TBD R F-5.7 PIPs 1-9 F&O
I-11.2 Homework TBD TBD TBD R I-11.2 PIP-1 DTL
I- Student Acceleration Opportunities TBD TBD TBD R DTL
I-7.2.1 Special Education Programs and Services TBD TBD TBD R I-7.2.1 PIP-1 DTL
I- Communication – Student Progress, Program and Grading TBD TBD TBD R I- PIPs 1-2 DTL
I- Prevention, Intervention, and Remediation TBD TBD TBD R I- PIP-1 DTL
I-7.2.8 Instructional Delivery Options TBD TBD TBD R I-7.2.8 PIP-1 DTL
I- Program Differentiation TBD TBD TBD R N/A DTL
J-5.3.30 Admissions and Placements 6/2020 6/4/2020 6/25/2020 R J-5.3.30 PIP-1 AS
J-5.3.31 Options and Transfers 6/2020 6/4/2020 6/25/2020 R J-5.3.31 PIP-1,2 AS
J-5.3.32 Administrative Placements 6/2020 6/4/2020 6/25/2020 N J-5.3.32 PIP-1 AS
J-8.3.1 School Health Services 7/2020 6/25/2020 7/16/2020 R J-8.3.1 PIP-1 DTL
K-2.3.30 Media Relations 7/2020 6/25/2020 7/16/2020 N N/A SCR
K-6 Distribution of Non-School Materials 7/2020 6/25/2020 7/16/2020 R K-6 PIP-1, G-2.7 PIP-1 SCR
K-14.30 Volunteers 8/2020 TBD TBD R N/A SCR
K-14.31 Volunteer Programs 8/2020 TBD TBD R K-14.31 PIP-1 SCR
M-3 Financial Management – Financing Construction and Site Acquisition TBD TBD TBD R M-3 PIP-1 F&M/ F&O
M-4 Financial Management – Capital Improvement Plan Financial Management TBD TBD TBD R M-4 PIP-1 F&M
M-6 Financial Management – Jointly Funded Projects/ Programs TBD TBD TBD R M-6 PIP 1 F&M
M-10 Planetarium 7/2020 6/25/2020 7/16/2020 R M-10 PIP-1 DTL
M-12.4 Information Security 6/2020 6/4/2020 6/25/2020 N M-12.4 PIP-1,1.1, 2 IS
New – #TBD Equity TBD TBD TBD N TBD Supt.


*The information and dates above are current as of 6/1/2020 and are subject to change.