Policies for Revision/Amendment

The following policies are being considered for revision/amendment by the School Board during the 2019-20 school year. Hyperlinks to existing policies are provided below for your convenience. Policies noted as “new” will be shared as an information item through the School Board agenda process.

To learn more about the policy development process, click here to view the steps for the process. If you have suggested changes or additions to existing policies that you that you would like to share during the drafting process, please feel free to email engage@apsva.us or click here to submit an online feedback form. Please be sure to include the policy you are referencing in your correspondence.

Please note that final drafts of each policy will be posted as an information item at the School Board Meetings page found here on the corresponding meeting date listed below. Please refer to that page for the final draft version. Community members are encouraged to provide feedback on these drafts through the feedback form shared above or by signing up to speak at a School Board meeting.


Policy Number Policy TITLE SB for Information SB for Action Deletion/New/ Revised/ Amended Accompanying PIPs Departments Involved

Student Equal Educational Opportunities/Nondiscrimination –

Policy and PIP are current and not scheduled to be revised. PIP guidelines drafted and being shared for community input and finalization in 2020.

N/A N/A N/A J-2 PIPs 1-2 DTL
J-6.8.1 Student Safety – Bullying/Harassment Prevention TBD TBD R J-6.8.1 PIP-1 DTL, AS
A-6.30 Development and Assessment of Strategic Plan TBD TBD R A-6.30 PIP-1 P&E, DTL
B-2.1.33 School Liaison TBD TBD R N/A SB
B-3.6.30 School Board Advisory Committees TBD TBD R TBD SB
C-2.1 Board/Superintendent Relationship 9/5/2019 9/18/2019 R N/A SB
C-2.7 Superintendent Evaluation  9/5/2019 9/18/2019 R N/A SB
K-14.30 Volunteers TBD TBD R N/A SCR
K-14.31 Volunteer Programs TBD TBD R K-14.31 PIP-1 SCR
I-1.33 General Instruction TBD TBD D N/A DTL
D-1.32 Financial Management – Debt Management TBD TBD R D-1.32 PIP-1 F&M
D-1.33 Community Activities Fund TBD TBD R D-1.33 PIP-1 F&M
D-15 External Funding and Commercial Activities TBD TBD R D-15 PIPs 1-17 F&M
D-2.32 Joint County Board and School Board Activities 9/5/2019 9/18/2019 R N/A SB
D-9 Internal Audit 9/5/2019 9/18/2019 Y N/A SB
F-1 Financial Management – Capital Improvement Plan TBD TBD R F-1 PIP 1 F&M/ F&O
J- Food Services – Vending Machines TBD TBD R J- PIP-1 F&M
M-3 Financial Management – Financing Construction and Site Acquisition TBD TBD R M-3 PIP-1 F&M/ F&O
M-4 Financial Management – Capital Improvement Plan Financial Management TBD TBD R M-4 PIP-1 F&M
M-6 Financial Management – Jointly Funded Projects/ Programs TBD TBD R M-6 PIP 1 F&M
M-7 Extended Day TBD TBD R M-7 PIPs 1-7 F&M
J-6.3.8 New Name: Combining all tobacco/substance use related policies into one policy TBD TBD R J-6.3.8 PIP-1 AS
K-7.3 No Smoking Policy/PIP   TBD TBD R K-7.3 PIP-1 AS
J-6.3.6 Prohibited Substance Use Policy TBD TBD R J-6.3.6 PIP-1 AS
J-7.4 Discipline Policy TBD TBD R J-7.4 PIP-1 AS
J-6.7 Search and Seizure TBD TBD R J-6.7 PIP-1 AS
J-5.3.30 Admissions and Placement (PIP only) TBD TBD R J-5.3.30 PIP-1 AS/DTL/PE
New – #TBD Field Trips TBD TBD N TBD DTL
New – #TBD Partnerships TBD TBD N TBD SCR
G-1.4 Acceptable Use of Social Media TBD TBD R G-1.4 PIP-1 SCR
K-6 Printed Materials TBD TBD R K-6 PIP-1 SCR
K-2.3 Interviewing Students TBD TBD R N/A SCR
F-5.7 Construction & Maintenance TBD TBD R F-5.7 PIPs 1-9 F&O
E-5.1 Transportation TBD TBD R E-5.1 PIPs 1-2 F&O
E-5.1.2 (NEW) Bell Schedules TBD TBD N TBD F&O
New – #TBD Cybersecurity TBD TBD N TBD IS
New Inclusion TBD TBD N TBD DTL
I- Support, Resources, and Extended Time TBD TBD R I- PIP-1 DTL
I-1.35 Resources TBD TBD R N/A DTL
I-9.1 Selection of Textbooks and Other Instructional Materials TBD TBD R I-9.1 PIPs 1-3 DTL
I-11.2 Homework TBD TBD R I-11.2 PIP-1 DTL
I-7.2.1 Special Education Programs and Services TBD TBD R I-7.2.1 PIP-1 DTL
I- Communication – Student Progress, Program and Grading TBD TBD R I- PIPs 1-2 DTL
I- Communication TBD TBD R I- PIP-1 DTL
M-10 Planetarium TBD TBD R TBD DTL
I-12 Evaluation TBD TBD R N/A DTL
L-3 Charter Schools TBD TBD R N/A DTL
I-8.1 Grouping TBD TBD R N/A DTL
I-7.2.8 Instructional Delivery Options TBD TBD R I-7.2.8 PIP-1 DTL
I- Addition of New Sports Teams TBD TBD R I- PIP-1 DTL
I- Extracurricular and Co-Curricular Activities TBD TBD R I- PIP-1 DTL
I- Advanced Classes TBD TBD R N/A DTL
I- Program Differentiation TBD TBD R N/A DTL
I- Prevention, Intervention, and Remediation TBD TBD R I- PIP-1 DTL
J-5.3.31 Options and Transfers TBD TBD R N/A DTL
G-1.8 Financial Interest TBD TBD R N/A HR
G-2.9 Financial Management – Gifts to Employees TBD TBD R G-2.9 PIP-1 HR
G-2.4 Human Relations – Employee-Employer Communications TBD TBD R G-2.4 PIP-1 HR
G-3.2.1 Salary TBD TBD R TBD HR
G-2.33 Workplace Violence TBD TBD R N/A HR
G-3.16.4 Disciplinary Actions TBD TBD R G-3.16.4 PIP-1 HR
G-2.32 Prevention of Sexual Misconduct and Abuse TBD TBD R N/A HR
G-2.5.1 Substance Abuse TBD TBD R N/A HR
G-3.14.31 Administrator & Non-Instructional Professional Staff Evaluation – P-Scale TBD TBD R G-3.14.31 PIPs 1-3 HR
G-4.14.31 E-Scale Evaluations (PIP) TBD TBD R G-4.14.31 PIP-1 HR
G-3.9HR Staffing Requirements TBD TBD R G-3.9 PIP-1 HR
G-3.12 Professional Development TBD TBD R G-3.12 PIP-1 HR
G-3 Position Classification TBD TBD R N/A HR
G- Professional Standards for Support Service Employees TBD TBD R N/A HR

*The information and dates above are current as of 09/04/2019 and are subject to change.