Policies for Revision/Amendment

APS welcomes community input on our policies as they go through the revision process. The APS Policy Process allows for feedback at three points: Scheduling and Revision Drafting, Public Comment on drafts, Board Consideration on drafts. The three sections below show the policies going through each of these stages and provide information on how you can provide feedback at each step.

Scheduling and Revision Drafting

The following policies are being considered for revision/amendment by the School Board. Hyperlinks to existing policies are provided below for your convenience. Community members are encouraged to review our policy schedule and provide suggested changes or additions to existing policies as we go through the drafting process. Work on revisions typically begins 6 months prior to anticipated School Board Action. Feedback can be shared through the APS Engage online feedback form. Please be sure to include the policy you are referencing in your correspondence.

Due to COVID-19, several policy revisions have been postponed. This list will be reviewed quarterly to see if we can resume working on any of the postponed policies. 

Policy Number Policy TITLE Planned Board Action New/ Revised/ Amended Accompanying PIPs Departments Adopted
J-8.3.1 School Health Services Fall 2020 Revised J-8.3.1 PIP-1 DTL
A-30 Equity – NEW Aug 2020 New New Supt 8/20/2020
E-5.1.2 School Start Times – NEW Sept 2020 New New F&O
K-14.30 Volunteers Nov 2020 Revised K-14.31 PIP-1 SCR
K-14.31 Volunteer Programs Nov 2020 Revised K-14.31 PIP-1 SCR
F-1 Financial Management – Capital Improvement Plan Nov 2020 Revised F-1 PIP-1 F&O, FMS
F-5.7 Construction and Maintenance Nov 2020 Revised F-5.7 PIP-1 through 9 F&O
I- Communication Nov 2020 Revised I- PIP-1 DTL
J-15.32 Records Management Dec 2020 Revised NONE IS
J-6.8.1 Student Safety – Bullying/Harassment Prevention Dec 2020 Revised J-6.8.1 PIP-1 AS
L-9 Accreditation of Schools Dec 2020 Revised NONE P&E
E-4.3.31 Telecommunication Facilities on School Property Feb 2021 Revised NONE F&O
M-8 Internet Feb 2021 Revised M-8 PIP-1 IS
E-5.1 Transportation Mar 2021 Revised E-5.1 PIP-1 through 2 F&O
M-9 Transportation Demand Mar 2021 Revised M-9 PIP-1 F&O
E-4.3.30 Use of School Equipment Mar 2021 Revised E-4.3.20 PIP-1 F&O
F-7 Real Property Mar 2021 Revised F-7 PIP-1 through 2 F&O
G-1.2 Staff Electronic Technologies Acceptable Use Apr 2021 Revised NONE IS
J-7.4 Discipline May 2021 Revised J-7.4 PIP-1 AS, DTL
A-6.30 Strategic Plan Jun 2021 Revised A-6.30 PIP-1 P&E
M-15 Swimming Pools Jun 2021 Revised M-15 PIP-1 F&O
D-1.33 Community Activities Fund 2021 CYQ3 Revised D-1.33 PIP-1 FMS
D-15 External Funding – Commercial Activities 2021 CYQ3 Revised D-15 PIP-1 through 17 FMS
M-3 Financial Management – Financing Construction and Site Acquisition 2021 CYQ3 Revised M-3 PIP-1 FMS
M-4 Financial Management – Capital Improvement Plan Financial Management 2021 CYQ3 Revised M-4 PIP-1 FMS
I.8.1 Grouping POSTPONED Revised DTL
I-1.30 Goals POSTPONED Revised DTL
I-1.31 Goals POSTPONED Revised DTL
I-1.32 Standards and Requirements POSTPONED Revised DTL
I-1.33 General Instruction POSTPONED Revised DTL
I-1.34 Early Childhood Programs POSTPONED Revised DTL
I-1.35 Resources POSTPONED Revised DTL
I-10.31 Counseling Crisis Management POSTPONED Revised DTL
I-11.1 Family and Community Engagement POSTPONED Revised DTL
I-11.2 Homework POSTPONED Revised DTL
I- Student Acceleration Opportunities POSTPONED Revised DTL
I-12 Evaluation POSTPONED Revised DTL
I-7.2.1 Special Education Programs and Services POSTPONED Revised DTL
I-7.2.2 Gifted Services POSTPONED Revised DTL
I- Communication – Student Progress, Program, and Grading POSTPONED Revised DTL
I- Prevention, Intervention, and Remediation POSTPONED Revised DTL
I-7.2.8 Instructional Delivery Options POSTPONED Revised DTL
I- Program Differentiation POSTPONED Revised DTL
I- Advanced Classes POSTPONED Revised DTL
I- Extracurricular and Co-Curricular Activities POSTPONED Revised DTL
I- Addition of New Sports Teams POSTPONED Revised DTL
I-9.1 Selection of Textbooks and Other Instructional Materials POSTPONED Revised DTL
I-NEW English Learner Services – NEW POSTPONED New DTL
J-5.1.30 Attendance POSTPONED Revised DTL
J-5.1.31 Full-Day School Attendance POSTPONED Revised DTL

Public Comment on Drafts

Once the drafting and internal stakeholder policy process is complete, policy drafts are made available for 30 days to ensure that all interested stakeholders have an opportunity to provide input. Please click on the policy name (s) below to access the drafts. This transparent process allows for an equitable community feedback stage prior to bringing forth the final draft as an information item at a School Board meeting. Please note that suggestions may be submitted during the comment period. Staff consider all suggestions but do not provide individual responses. The following policies are currently open for comments or were recently open for comments:

Number Policy Title and link to Draft Policy  Anticipated SB Action Comment Period Opens Comment Period Closes To access policy questionnaire(s), click on links below
K-14.30 & K-14.31 Volunteers & Volunteer Programs Nov 2020 9/1/2020 9/30/2020 Provide feedback
F-1 Financial Management – Capital Improvement Plan Nov 2020 9/1/2020 9/30/2020 Provide feedback
F-5.7 Construction and Maintenance Nov 2020 9/1/2020 9/30/2020 Provide feedback

After the public comment period closes, there is an additional opportunity to provide feedback when the policy comes forth to the School Board for Information at an upcoming School Board meeting; please see the Board Considerations on Drafts section below for the schedule, or check the meeting agendas on BoardDocs.

Board Consideration on Drafts

The following draft policies are being considered by the School Board. Draft policies are published in the agenda for the board meetings one week prior to the meeting. Links in the Information and Action dates are for the draft policies, the link in the Policy Title column is to the current policy. Feedback can be shared by submitting input through the online feedback form. Please be sure to include the policy you are referencing in your correspondence.

Policy Number Policy Title & link to Current Policy SB Meeting for Information (draft policies) SB Meeting for Action (draft policies) Deletion/New/ Revised/ Amended Accompanying PIPs Departments Involved
E.5.1.2 School Start Times 8/20/2020 9/10/2020 N E.5.1.2 PIP-1 F&O
J-8.3.1 School Health Services 6/25/2020 TBA R J-8.3.1 PIP-1 DTL


Recently Adopted Polices

The Board has recently adopted the following policies.

Policy Number Policy Title & link to Newly Adopted Policy SB Meeting for Information SB Adoption Date Deletion/New/ Revised/ Amended Accompanying PIPs Departments Involved
A-30 Equity 7/30/2020 8/20/2020 N N/A Supt
K-2.3.30 Media Relations 6/25/2020 7/16/2020 N N/A SCR
K-6 Distribution of Non-School Materials 6/25/2020 7/16/2020 R K-6 PIP-1, G-2.7 PIP-1 SCR
M-10 Planetarium 6/25/2020 7/16/2020 R M-10 PIP-1 DTL
J-5.3.30 Admissions 6/4/2020 6/25/2020 R J-5.3.30 PIP-1 AS
J-5.3.31 Options and Transfers 6/4/2020 6/25/2020 R J-5.3.31 PIP-1,2 AS
J-5.3.32 Administrative Placements 6/4/2020 6/25/2020 N J-5.3.32 PIP-1 AS
M-12.4 Information Security 6/4/2020 6/25/2020 N M-12.4 PIP-1,1.1, 2 IS

*The information and dates above are current as of 9/1/2020 and are subject to change.