Recently approved the School Board Policies

Policy Number Policy TITLE Completed SB for Information SB for Action New/ Revised/ Amended Accompanying PIPs Departments Involved
G-3.2.4 Leave R
G- Other Benefits R
J-8.7 Safety of Students andChild Abuse/Neglect-CPS 8/30/2018 A
J-5.3.30 Admissions and Placement 8/30/2018 9/6/2018 A DTL, AS
A-4 Mission, Vision, Core Values 9/6/2018 9/20/2018 R
A-5 Arlington Public Schools Priorities 9/6/2018 9/20/2018 R
E-6 Food Services 9/6/2018 9/20/2018 R
I-7.5 Adult Community Education 10/4/2018 10/18/2018 R None DTL
J-15.8 Acceptance of Electronic Signatures and Records 10/18/2018 11/29/2018 N J-15.8 PIP-1 SB; DTL; IS
G-2.14 Employment 11/29/2018 12/6/2018 A G-2.14 PIP 10 HR
E-3.30 Building and Grounds Management 11/29/2018 1/10/2019 R
D-12.3 Travel Reimbursement 12/20/2018 1/10/2019 R
M-14 Support – POLICY WAS RETIRED 1/10/2019 1/24/2019 D DTL
I-10.32 Pupil Services 1/10/2019 1/24/2019 R I-10.32 PIP-1 DTL

*The information and dates above are current as of 02/26/2019 and are subject to change.