School/Facility Naming Policy

Why is the School Board Reviewing its Policy on Naming Facilities?

The School Board is in the process of reviewing all APS policies including School Board policy 50-1.10 Naming of Schools/Facilities.  The School Board is directing the Superintendent and staff to review and recommend more comprehensive Naming Criteria for the School/Facility Naming Policy to strengthen the criteria for school names.

School Naming: Revised Process for Moving Forward

Updated June 4, 2018

School Naming Policy Rec 05-31-18[1]

50-1.10-Naming of Facilities – Proposed Revision

APS School Names

Staff Naming Initial Input

School Name Resources

Who will be impacted?

All students, staff, and the broader Arlington community have the potential to be impacted.

How can I participate?

  • A staff-led committee will focus on reviewing the current naming policy and making recommendations to the School Board regarding criteria for naming APS facilities.
  • Staff will engage the community in various ways, including the following:
    • An online survey to be sent to staff, students, families and civic groups,
    • Input from students with the help of the APS Student Advisory Board, and
    • Input from the APS School Board and Superintendent Advisory committees.
    • Comments submitted on the “Engage” website form at
  • After receiving the staff recommendation, the Board will engage the community for input about the draft School/Facility Naming Policy, which will include draft naming criteria, through:
    • A Public Hearing, and
    • Community responses received via email, open office hours and other community connections.

What is the timeline?

  • The staff committee will begin work in October. Staff will provide multiple opportunities to engage the community for input, with a goal of completing its work later in the school year to present a recommendation to the School Board.
  • After receiving the staff recommendation, the School Board will solicit input from the community before making a final decision about the policy.
  • The School Board will not make any decision about renaming existing school(s) until the revised School/Facility Naming Policy, which will include the revised Naming Criteria, has been reviewed through further community engagement and adopted by the Board.
  • The revised School/Facility Naming Policy will guide the school naming community processes for the new middle school on Vacation Lane and the building under construction on Wilson Boulevard, as well as for any school(s) that may need to be renamed to confirm with the new School/Facility Naming Policy.

How will my input be used?

Feedback collected through a survey and focus groups will be reviewed by the staff committee to develop a recommended draft criteria which will be presented to the School Board in early 2018.  The Board will also receive a summary of the input received. Look for updates on Engage






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