Building @ Wilson Site (H-B Woodlawn & Stratford Programs) Naming Process

Update: This is the name of the new building being built on Wilson Boulevard. The H-B Woodlawn and Stratford programs will move to the Heights Building next fall. However, the name of H-B Woodlawn will remain the same. The Stratford Program was renamed the Eunice Kennedy Shriver Program and the Heights Building will only be used to indicate the program’s location.

On June 7, 2018, the School Board adopted a revised policy for Naming of Facilities Policy describes:

  • The criteria for naming facilities
  • How APS manages requests to Rename Schools/Facilities

The revised Policy Implementation Procedures (PIP) describes:

  • The membership of naming/renaming committees
  • The process for the committees

Naming Committee Membership Defined by PIP

  • One parent from each of the schools that have had (or may have) their attendance/boundary zone redrawn to create the new attendance/boundary zone.
  • Committees for the Montessori school and Wilson site building will be composed of parents, teachers and staff including representatives from AMAC (Montessori) or (HBW PAC and Stratford Program).
  • One representative from each civic association whose attendance/boundary zone falls within the newly-established attendance/boundary zone of the school being named.
  • Two teachers from each of the schools that will see their attendance/boundary zones redrawn to create the new attendance/boundary zone for the school being named.
  • One representative from the community at large who is not affected by the school being named.
  • One student who will attend the school (if that building is a high school).
  • Principal of the school being named
  • One staff liaison from School & Community Relations

Each member is charged with soliciting input from their corresponding affiliated school and neighborhood groups.

What to Expect Throughout the Naming Process

  • Meeting schedules will be posted on the Engage section of the APS website
  • Interested members of the community may attend meetings to listen
  • Each committee member will be charged with soliciting input from their corresponding school, neighborhood or community groups
  • Minutes of meetings will be posted on the Engage section of the APS website
  • Community input may be solicited via:
    • School or Civic group meetings
    • PTA meetings
    • Input/Surveys From: Students, Parents, Community
    • Engage with APS emails
    • Other input as received

Participating in Community Engagement Strategies and Activities

Community engagement will be, in part, a responsibility of the committee members to solicit recommendations and input from their corresponding constituent groups.  Engagement may include:

  • Reach out to the member that is associated to your group to ask questions or share your ideas
  • Minutes from the committee meetings will be posted online
  • Ask a committee member to talk with your group or share the meeting summaries with your group
  • Participate when opportunities arise for the community provide feedback (through surveys or other opportunities
  • Share information on your organization’s listserve or email group
  • Use the Online Feedback Form on “Engage with APS” – select the initiative from the drop-down list to submit your comments and input (all comments will be shared with the full committee


Timeline for the Building at the Wilson site (for H-B Woodlawn and Stratford Programs) Naming Process



August 2018

  • Provide PTAs, Civic Associations with overview of process and how to get involved
  • Publish schedule, contact info for each of the groups

School Community Engagement

Sept. – Dec. 2018


  • Members appointed to committees
  • Committees establish meeting schedule
  • Develop recommended name with input from the community
Committee Meeting Dates and Topics:

  • Meeting #1 – Monday, September 24, 7:30 pm, H-B Woodlawn Library
  • Meeting #2  (new date)Tuesday, October 15, 7:30 pm, H-B Woodlawn Library
  • Meeting #3 – Wednesday, November 7, 7:30 pm, H-B Woodlawn Library
    • TOPICS: Review survey data; select name; decide who presents to the School Board
  • Meeting #4 – Monday, December 17, 7 p.m. Syphax 475 – New
    • Amendments to The Heights

You can expect each meeting to last approximately 1-2 hours.

School Board Meeting Schedule

Aug. – Jan. 2019

  • Work Session – August 28, 2018
  • Appoint Naming Committee Members – Consent September 6, 2018
  • Information Item – December 6, 2018
  • Action – January 10, 2019


SCR Staff Liaison & Principal Team

Catharine Ashby, School and Community  Relations Liaison

Casey Robinson, Principal, H-B Woodlawn Program

Karen Gerry, Princpal, Stratford Programs