School Year 2020-21 Calendar

APS is currently developing options for the 2020-2021 calendar. We provided three draft starting points to gather feedback. The calendar that will be forwarded to the School Board for approval in January may look different than all three options.

There was a community survey from November 8, 2019-November 25, 2019. The survey is now closed.  The feedback received will be posted here soon.

This calendar draft was developed with a start prior to Labor Day. In the initial stages of the draft, August 31 was the first day of school, but further refinement required pulling that date back to August 27.

This calendar draft was developed with our historical start the day after Labor Day. Because Labor Day is so late in 2020 (Sept 8), the last day of school is much later than usual.

This calendar draft was developed as a result of input from a staff working group, working to develop an APS calendar that approximates the same dates as the Fairfax County Public Schools adopted calendar.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does each draft calendar option have a two-week winter break?
In previous years, stakeholder input demonstrated strong support for a two-week winter break, allowing families time to travel and allowing students and staff sufficient time to recharge. All three drafts maintained this, given that our neighboring jurisdictions who have approved calendars have also adopted a two-week winter break.

Why does high school end earlier than elementary and middle school?
Elementary and Middle school students each miss a full day of school twice per year for parent-teacher conferences. Thus, they attend school for two additional days.

Why does OPTION THREE have the first day of school two weeks earlier than normal?
When developing our draft options, we review the approved calendars of our neighboring jurisdictions. This draft is one which closely mirrors the Fairfax County Public Schools calendar, with a similar start and end date. While this is a much earlier than normal start, it does permit our students to access some of the same camps and enrichment opportunities available to students in our neighboring jurisdictions.

Will the final calendar be one of these three options?
It is possible that through the feedback process, suggestions that are reviewed will be used to adjust any or all three of the calendars. As a result, the calendar recommended by the Superintendent to the School Board may look the same as one of these drafts, or it may look different while being based on one of the three drafts as a starting point.

When will a decision be made regarding the calendar?
Feb. 6, 2020. Community input received is now being incorporated into input from the calendar committee and Executive Leadership Team to revise the proposed calendar. The Superintendent’s recommended calendar will be presented to the APS School Board for information at their January 23, 2020 meeting, and for action at their February 6, 2020 meeting. Information regarding the Superintendent’s proposed calendar will be shared when it is available.