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APS is reviewing our school division’s relationship and operations with School Resource Officers (SROs), including the review and monitor of the APS Memorandum of Understanding with Arlington County Police Department (ACPD). In response to concerns expressed at the national and local levels, APS will gather community feedback, as well as recommendations from critical stakeholders to the School Board and Superintendent, on the future of this relationship.  A Work Group will be formed to work with APS staff in this process during the 2020-21 school year and a recommendation for monitoring will be presented to the School Board in June 2021.


Status Updates



Date Activity
September 3, 2020 School Board Work Session on APS and School Resource Officers
September 24 Information Item at School Board meeting
October 8 Action Item at School Board meeting
October 9 Work Group applications open
November 9 Deadline for Work Group application
November 10 Work Group selection period commences
December 3 School Board approves Work Group
December 10 Work Group assembled
January Public Hearing with Assembled Work Group
January – Monthly meetings for Work Group
June 2021 Recommendation presented to the School Board



Work Group and Community Engagement 

A Work Group will be formed with 48 members including APS students, parents, staff, advisory council representatives, community members, and Arlington County Police. The Work Group will be facilitated by a professional facilitator. The application process will take place in October, and an application form will be available starting October 9. APS seeks stakeholders who are themselves involved in multiple groups to ensure strong representation from a variety of perspectives within the 48-member Work Group. Participants will be expected to provide information and gain feedback from their various organizations. All community members will be invited to share comments at a Public Hearing in January and can share comments and questions throughout this process with staff leading this review by writing to engage@apsva.us.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How can I join the Work Group that will work with APS staff in reviewing the APS-School Resource Officer relationship?

APS will hold an application process in October 2020 for community members who are interested in serving on the Work Group that will work with APS staff in reviewing the relationship and operations our school division has with the ACPD for School Resource Officers (SROs). This page will include a link to that application when it is available starting October 9 and updates on this process.

How can I share my views and questions on this topic with APS?

Community members can share their input with staff leading this process by writing to engage@apsva.us; also, a Public Hearing will be held in January 2021.


Information Resources

September 3, 2020 Presentation for School Board Work Session

September 3, 2020 School Board Work Session on Arlington Public Schools and School Resource Officers 

Presentation at January 23, 2020 School Board meeting — Update on student rights, discipline and the SRO MOU

APS and Arlington County Police Department — Memorandum of Understanding (May 16, 2018)

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