Bilingual Family Liaisons

The Bilingual Family Liaison is a bilingual/bicultural parent liaison who works closely with other school staff, including: Office of English Learners staff, special education staff, teachers, administrators, students and parents, and with professionals in the community. The Bilingual Family Liaison serves as a liaison between bicultural families and the school. The Bilingual Family Liaison interprets and translates informal communications (they do not translate legal documents).

School Bilingual Family Liaison APS Cell Number Email Address
ELEMENTARY (Revised 12/7/2020)
Abingdon Aminta (Caty) Branco 703-969-0758
Ashlawn Celia Arnade 703-969-1331
Arlington Science Focus Vacant
Arl Traditional Victoria Metz 703-969-4105
Barcroft Marcelo Ribera 571-327-6875
Barrett Diana Bustamante 571-327-4262
Campbell vacant
Carlin Springs Lyzbeth Monard Eguren 703-969-3709
Claremont Haydee Colon Jennings 703-969-3101
Drew Evin Rodriguez 703-969-2633
Fleet Lidia Reyes 703-969-3682
Glebe Ana (Beronica) Salas 703-969-0253
Hoffman-Boston Mungunzaya (Zaya) Coughlin 703-969-3857
Hoffman-Boston Augusto Wayar 703-969-0274
Key Marta Gomez 703-969-3778
Long Branch Evin Rodriguez 703-969-2633
McKinley Maria Montas 703-969-3725
Montessori Henry Cardenas 571-327-4593
Oakridge Hanim Magzoub 703-969-2954
Randolph Elvira (Jackie) Garcia 703-969-2527
ACC Yesenia Martinez 703-969-4203
ACHS Daniel Castillo 703-969-1755
Gunston Diana Claro Gerardino 703-969-2063
Hamm Cecilia Oetgen 703-969-1057
HBW Daysi Palomeque
Jefferson Pending TBD
Kenmore Noemi Yerovi 703-969-3963
Kenmore Alam Lainez 703-969-0080
Swanson Nohra Rodriguez 571-249-0981
Williamsburg Celia Arnade 703-969-1331
Wakefield Eddy Guerrero 571-439-1075
Wakefield Martha Heredia 703-969-3780
Wakefield Carlos Murillo 703-969-0367
W-L Jimmy Carrasquillo 703-969-3329
W-L David Hernandez 703-969-1791
Yorktown Juan Peredo 703-969-3572

 NOTE:  Lead Teachers handle responsibilities at schools with no Bilingual Family Liaison Resource Assistant.