Other Programs

High School Continuation Program (Arlington Community High School & Langston)

(for students 18-22+ years-old)

The High School Continuation Program at Arlington Community High School and Langston offers students ages 18 and older the opportunity to earn high school credits in a small and supportive environment. Students may elect to enter the program for many reasons. The program allows students to take one, two, or three classes each semester.  Students may also take classes at the Career Center.  Additionally, students are able to receive credit for work experience, service learning, summer school classes, and/or independent study. Late afternoon and evening classes are available Monday through Thursday.

EL Institute at the Career Center

Institute for Career Development and Academic Achievement, Career Center (Grades 9 – 12)

Prerequisite(s): Admission decisions to the EL Institute are made by the Program’s Coordinator.

The EL Institute program is designed for the older EL 1-4 students (ages 16-21) who would benefit most from a small and structured academic environment, integrated with a career and technical component. Students enroll in a two-period block of English language development which integrates reading, writing, and grammar. They also take three additional credits in math, science, and social studies. Finally, students enroll in a two-period Career & Technical Education (CTE) elective class at the Career Center. Students who attend the program benefit by working toward their high school diplomas while obtaining certifications or licenses in their selected professional areas, and/or receiving college credits for their technical classes.

High School credit: Students earn credits in all Institute courses, which may be applied toward a standard or advanced high school diploma.