APS Student Support Cycle

APS Student Support Cycle

APS student support cycle1 MONITOR & ASSESS

APS frequently monitors what students know and can do, in individual classrooms, in schools, and as a system. Screeners and assessments are used to determine whether the specific support is working. APS conducts a variety of division-wide assessments each year, including:

    • Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS)
    • Reading Inventory (Grades 6-9, 3 times per year)
    • Math Inventory (Grades 1-8, 3 times per year)
    • Standards of Learning (SOL) Tests (Grades 3-12)
    • Social-Emotional Learning Screener (Grades 3-12, multiple times per year)
    • Phonetic AwarenessLiteracy Screening (PALS)


Teachers work in teams to plan instruction for each student based on their needs and strengths. These plans include specialized support and strategies for all students, including students with IEPs/504s, English Learners, students receiving Gifted Services, students of color (Black, Hispanic/Latino, Asian, other), and additional/different supports for students at Secondary levels. These plans include Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) strategies and resources.


Teachers, Assistants and Educational Specialists work with students in whole-class and small group settings, or individually to implement the plans that are specially designed to support students’ success. Counselors and mental health teams provide Social-Emotional Learning support and resources.


Teachers collaborate in teams on a regular basis to evaluate student progress and adjust individual plans as needed. Frequent review and reflection ensure that the right supports are in place to achieve the best possible outcomes for every student.